More chaos to come in Baird’s rush to privatise

So the Epping to Chatswood rail line is a fantastic investment and cost the taxpayers billions of dollars as well as untold inconvenience for many but now completed it seems the Baird government is going to waste all that money and work by closing the whole thing down creating many weeks, months maybe even years of more inconvenience to rail travellers.

Laughing all the way to the taxpayer bank is the specialty of this mob like a bull in a china shop so to speak consulting only with private consortiums that are going to profit of the taxpayers.

Team private

Cost for fixing something that doesn’t need fixing

The ECRL will be closed down and revamped creating bottlenecks at Epping and Chatswood of as yet unknown proportions for an unspecified period of time while the continuation of the North West Rail Link is built through a new harbour tunnel through to Bankstown.

I see a major problem with this system of driverless trains merging with our existing system in that the extra amount of passengers being dropped at Chatswood and Epping to change to trains at already full on platforms at Chatswood and Epping will overflow the platforms number one and create a massive bottleneck with trains already running down the north shore and main north lines filled to capacity.

Advice from the rock face about the rock face

This is just one problem I foresee apart from other bleeding obvious waste in that the existing trains we have spent billions on will no longer be able to access this part of the network breaking down what has cost the taxpayer billions to build and get running efficiently.

Inside train

Another problem I see is the discomfort that will be the general everyday experience for those commuters using this system to go to and from work every single day, not enough seating, obviously this is not of import to the politicians who are chauffeured around at our expense every day i luxury vehicles. These trains have seating along the inside walls and then the rest stand from Rouse Hill to Chatswood or Epping where they will change to already filled to capacity trains and stand again for their whole journey from home to work and back.

Train front

Then there is the dangers of mishaps, breakdowns etc within the tunnel itself although there are plenty of emergency exits and fire equipment there are no trained and qualified staff on board to assist with efficient safe evacuation procedures or assist those in need.

There are so many negative aspects of this system that singuarly should ring alarm bells to taxpayers and commuters let alone the blatant waste of the billions already spent on a good system only 4-5 years old and good new trains negating and wasting that on a system that makes no use of those existing systems and connot be coupled together making the new billions of dollars worth of Waratah trains no longer viable anywhere in this link .

And the primary goal in my opinion only to line the pockets of a private enterprise and consortiums grabbing the gift and eventually most likely to still be subsidised by the taxpayer or be so expensivto use e it will take a large chunk from people’s income just to get to work every day.

Dollars for mates again the taxpayer lose out with this dictatorial Baird government who never ever consult with the people paying their wage.



Liberal so very riddled with corruption it’s in their DNA

More and more coming out regarding use of taxpayer funding and laundering this is just disgusting and amounts almost to treason if not at the least fraud.

When they want to hide something they always front up with Arfur “I don’t recall” Sinodinos o.r the obfuscating Mathias Cormann

Cheesus H Cheddar they really do think we are all stupid !

Corruption, money laundering fraud what is it.

Arfur I don’t recall Sinodinos memory loss returns

Here he is working for the treasurer in a government screaming about their economic credentials and yet everytime he’s in control of sending or receiving funds he doesn’t recall or doesn’t know. 

For heavens sake how is this incompetent man on the public payroll. What does it say about the treasurers credentials and the LNP’s chances of ever fixing even their home budgets. 

The man is either stupid, a liar, sick or just a blithering idiot ….. You decide !

Baird and the glorified bank clerk Berijiklian

Selling off another profit making entity that belongs to the public. Private enterprise mates the only ones to gain in this and taxpayers go to hell. Maybe there’s some feather bed available after politics as well eh ? Just maybe ?

Here we gap again rorting Liberals 

No wonder people are screaming for federal ICAC with all the duration privatisation scams coming to the front. 

Now this filthy rort in the taxpayer Cheesus they’re char land this mob.

The Greatest 

I hope he floated out like a butterfly. 

Few has really inspired me in my life that started of low, gutter low but with good real caring friends and the inspiration of three great men, three great if not the greatest philosophers of our time, saved me, shaped my psyche to a point I could take over control of my own life once again. 

I will always be greatful to those people who remain in my heart. 

John Lennon Bob Marly and now the last departs and leaves us   

Rest in peace

Muhammad Al

inillah inalilahi wa rajiun