Disgrace of Successive Australian governments ignoring genocide of our oldest allies. 

I am ashamed and I know my father a Kakoda veteran would be rolling in his grave in anger and disgust regarding these atrocities. Worse atrocities and war crimes than the Japanese ever dispensed in WWII. 

This a great shame in Australia right from the start when West Papua was handed toIndonesia  right to this day and an ever worse, if possible, than occurred in East Timor. 

Successive Australian governments LNP and ALP along with many of our populist politicians have ignored this genocide on our fathers and uncles greatest WWII allies. These people at great risk to themselves and their families sacrificed their lives for Australian soldiers. Carrying out wounded,  saving lives and being of such great valour and assistance to our troops we would have lost Kakoda and Papua without them. 

My father told me “we’d have lost without them” ” we would have been slaughtered” and yet our grubby gutless bum licking politicians show no gratitude at all and ignore the plight and genocide of these peaceful wonderful people for a fist full of trade dollars crawling and slathering to their Indonesian masters.  

A tragedy in our doorstep that gutless corporate lapdogs we call our government ignore and deny. They shame all of us, our nation and the legacy of all those who faught and died there in WWII. 


Murder, war crimes, atrocities, rape, concentration camps and torture all ok by our new right wing pseudo religious political standards.

Australia needs to stand up and be counted here. Pressure these gutless money grabbing charlatan politicians. Put them on notice to act on our behalf instead of lying, training and arming these barbaric war criminals with our taxes. That’s right were paying for it as well. 

This just today in West Papua. We owe a debt to these people and it’s time to pay up. 

Please I urge you before it too late let’s stop this genocide. 

Stop this now let the government know we are not blind to their cowardly lies. We must not let our great honourable allies be murdered any longer. 

Liar coward charlatan politicians turning their eyes away from the truth. Aidng and abetting liars !


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