Turnbull’s weasel words on privatising Medicare 

Never ever ever we’ve heard it all before from thus lying deceitful mob of charlatans. Weasel words designed to take the brunt of the truth that the IPA and their lovechild  the LNP do plan to privatise Medicare. 

Heard it all before !

The privatisation will take a twisting round about road through at her agencies but in the end it’s privatisation. 

Loss of revenue to over seas share holders and corporation, loss of jobs as many are cheaply sourced outside Australia which then means loss of privacy in regards to medical records private financial data among other. 

Heard it all before !

This selloff of Australia and Australuans has to be stopped now at the election. 

How much taxpayer money have the LNP wasted in consultancy to make this happen we won’t know for some time but I’ve seen $8 mil bounced around social media and that would figure. If that is do why ? If Turnbull’s words are not lies then why spend that money ? Kick back to friends like Parakeelia ? Why ? Because they are planning on privatising everything they’re hot for the failed American capitalist plan even though it’s a fail for the constituents. 



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