LNP Adani rorting in their DNA wake up Australia

Right now we’re all shocked by the money laundering of taxpayer funds to the liberal owner Parakeelua Co and then being donated back to the Liberal coffers and that in itself is a disgrace let alone maybe illegal. 

Then we have 17 of their cohorts be investigated for other financial dodgy dealings, stealing diaries etc and other stood down or expelled for other non right wing religious activities such as operating brothels etc.

Couple that and more with the WA liberals completely wasting the WA mining boom, lowest jobs growth in decades, their absolute buffoonery handling our budget the last 2+ years allowing the deficit to balloon out to triple what it was when they were handed the reins. 

So many defects and a maze of rorts, scams and deceit and that is enough evidence in itself to convince Australian voters to throw them out.

We must remember now the danger our beloved and glorious Great Barrier Reef is now under. A dire threat due to successive governments ignoring or denying climate change, years of phosphate and chemical run off from local agricultural industries among other problems now reaching beyond crisis levels. 

Now the LNP and most likely Labor will allow a coal mine and shipping of coal along with dredging gunk into the reef to occur. This is the death sentence for our wonderful reef surely ?

Now in saying this lets not forget how hard it is according to Barnaby Joyce to stop these things occurring but in hearing his account of we must go back to the wedding invitation junket. Barnaby , Julie Bishop and I think Andrew Sleepy Robb among other LNP cohorts. A joyous junket to a lavish piss up all expenses paid courtesy of the connections owners and operators of … You guessed it Adnni the very same crew about to destroy our Grat Barrier Reef with their coal mining activities that will profit them NOT Australia. 

Now cracking all this you may be forgiven for assuming it would be difficult for said invitees to can the Adani party people’s mining project and especially considering we the taxpayers had to foot the bill for their return journeys and stopover junkets. The taxpayers paid for this it’s no favour lol. 

So of course now we see the Adani about to begin their destruction of out most valuable natural environmental assert with congratulations from who else but the party goers themselves who’d believe it eh ? 

Wake up Australia the LNP are liars cheats and charlatans selling our country, our future and our children’s futures off to froreign entities. Wake up before the election. 

That’s their Plan people wake up 


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