Freedom of Speech Under Threat

Remember these two clowns couldn’t even explain what Meta Data meant under the prescribed legislation.

Abbott Brandis

Remember the assurances from The Attorney General and Tony Abbott regarding collection of our Meta Data, a term they had difficulty understanding or explaining ?

Meta Data Retention



Journalists Protected ?

Remember the assurances that it would primarily be used for the fight against terrorism, attempting to fill us with fear of ISIS and Killing Cults etc. blah blah. Well it appears Meta Data is going to be collected to shut down any criticism or revelations of government wrong doing and or incompetence as well and now anyone may be targeted for whatever reason the AFP seem fit.

Neocon force

High Price of Freedom

In the  case of Duncan Storrar just how easy was it for The Daily Terrorgragh to attain all the private information for the character assassination of this poor man who only wanted a voice ? How did said media organisation gather all that information if it wasn’t through government agencies ?


Are we missing the warnings of Orwell’s 1984

Orwell’s “Big Brother is Watching” was not about fear of new technology or businesses, but a cautionary tale about government’s unfettered access to information and the misuse of technology.  – Carl Szabo


What chance do we have against the secrecy and deceit of politicians if they apparently have the AFP working for them on this level.



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