Keeping Labor Out or just self interest?

This LNP Government more than any has allowed big business to rule the government and their decision far more than is healthy for a good functioning society.

We see clearly that now the politicians elected to manage government public services and utilities and the country have apparently lost their way completely and give far more credence and attention to big business than they do to the very people who employ them, their constituents.

Intent on keeping Labor out for the corporates a story keeping some things in persepctive.

Waste of enormous amounts of taxpayer money being poured into defence spending at whose bequest ? Certainly not the taxpayers ! We all, or most, understand that $50 billion on submarines is of little benefit to our economy especially when these submarines on completion will be totally obsolete diesel-electric antiques and who the hell are we going to defend ourselves against with a mere handful of inferior obsolete submarines seriously.

Suspect dealing for french sub build contract


Under the guise of creating Australian jobs

Or is this yet another ploy just to shore up o Pyne’s seat and political career where are the real priorities of these politicians. Where does their real allegiance lie if not just with their own self interest, sense of self importance and butter on their fingers from corporate mates larder.

Then there is the billions being spent on what most experts say are completely floored strike fighters that at present the manufacturer is years late in completing due to huge amounts of malfunctions and have difficulty getting more than one of six into the air.

To myself and many other constituents this amounts to waste in the least and incompetence at best as well as taking much needed funding from those essential  services and utilities we need for a relatively safe  comfortable social structure. Education the number one most important service and in the long run most productive spend should in this day and age be free to all.

Healthcare also important especially for those aged and infirmed who have given their life to building Australia to what it is now, Public transport, renewable energy source and technology which we could be a leading manufacturer in providing technology to the world as a major export.

These politicians need to refocus and refocus soon on their constituents and stop being lap dogs to big business and corporations. They can run themselves and manage their business after all their CEO’s are paid massive remuneration beyond anything ordinary Australian taxpayers could even dream of. If they can’t do it without taxpayer assistance and government handouts then they shouldn’t be earning such high salaries or for that matter be in business.

Our politicians need to be reminded that their purpose and what they are paid to do is manage our tax dollars to provide services and utilities to us for that tax. This is what WE pay THEM to do. They’ve lost the plot completely and  don’t appear to be working for us, the people who pay their way.

I’m at a loss as to how this may change, I’ve looked at the beginnings of something I think is special in the Australian Sovereignty Party who appear to have all the right ideas and ethos along with an amazing taxation plan but for some reason this group did not manage to become registered in time for this DD election and so voting for them is out this time around.

I feel we need to have more independents and micro parties in our parliament to combat this rising tide of corpocracy that is turning our system into a corporate oligarchy with dire consequences for our very social fabric. Unfortunately the three major parties in our political landscape have seen fit to move the goal posts and create a very difficult path for any independents and/or micro parties that may wish to issue a challenge against them at any stage.


This is an important election for our country and our very way of life and I see it as a stepping stone to getting rid of the duopoly of these two parties that have lost their ethos and their way. We must take control of our employees, they are not small demigods nor are they honourable until such ties as they act honourably, they my friend are our employees not our rulers.



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