Howard and Costello rerun NBN

So apparently we are about to finance as taxpayers another major infrastructure project that will be sold off to private enterprise by the Liberals to shore up their economic credentials. 

As in the blustery years of Costello and Howard’s supposedly fantastic economic genius that saw after much fanfare about those credentials a surplus ….. The golden chalice …… The lust of the neoconservatives, the golden egg, the mighty surplus. Those with some fairly decent economic nosh realise that it was far from great economic credentials or understanding that achieved that surplus for these two claiming top points but in fact bad economics basically selling off the farm with animals to buy feed. 

Costello and Howard sold off everything taxpayers, working class taxpayers had spent decades building including our gold reserves (not many knew of this sell out) along with Telstra and so ended their political careers crying from the rooftops surplus surplus surplus though it was in fact a shady dodgy shadow of a surplus. 

Now apparently lusting only for power and their positions Turnbull, Mortison and crew may sell us out again in a vain attempt to claim some economic nosh while they’re being battered by a tripled deficit in less than a term in office after two PMs and two treasurers flailing in the attempt to make the opposition look bad economists. 

We’ve paid and are paying for this NBN that Turnbull has stuffed completely with blow outs in costs and inability to deliver whatever he’s promised regarding quality and time frames. Now desperate to ditch the whole thing for some kind of peace and release from the massive and image damaging controversy the NBN has become for Turnbull. 

What an absolute fiasco !


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