Can Clive be believed ?

Clive Palmer in making an exit from parliament could prove a thorn in the side of more than the sacked workers at his Qld refinery. 

Allegations put forward by Palmer would appear on the surface to fit in with recent developments surrounding dodgy dealings between donors and the Liberal party finance controllers including the memory disease suffering “Arfur” Sinodinos who despite returning to work for our treasurer still can’t remember dealings involving millions of dollars eminatiing from a finance sector he controlled into the Liberal party coffers which he also controlled. 

Maybe his memory disease is selective in nature or could be ICACitis ? At any given moment this could all explode in their faces with a rampant Clive Palmer apparently very bitter and with a hard on for causing the Liberals as much grief as possible during the lead up to the double dissolution election. 

No matter how much Scott Morrison and Mathias Cormann gloat on live TV about something they may or may not have found (it’s not clear as yet) to attack Labor’s economic credentials with it may well be that when it all hits the fan from Clive’s tantrum they may all end up with more than egg on their faces.


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