Are our police under ideological orders ?

As we know the ex PM Tony Abbott prefered to kip with the boys at AFP lodgings rather than the million dollar mansion that the taxpayers were footing the bill for and most likely made some allies there, improbable that he didn’t.

We also know that the now ex minister for communications Malcolm Turnbull also allegedly stacked NBN Co with mates and then proceeded to destroy the whole project to a point that the public are calling it fraudband.

Now after many leaks regarding budgets, leaks directly involving sensitive defence and security information from the coalition ranks raising absolutely nada interest in the form of investigative action from the AFP all of a sudden there are raids on Labor personnel and Senators regarding leaks related to the NBN. These raids supposedly prompted by someone at NBN Co.

Then of course there was the ridiculous ignoring of the Slipper diaries affair where the AFP let it go for so long there is little chance of any charges or correct information ever being exposed and a proper finding being made. Pyne will get out of this without a drop of dust touching him.

I’m not sure I am comfortable with this turn of events right in the middle of an election raids on the opposition regarding NBN Co leaks a much more minor situation in my eyes than the AFP ignoring of government leaks regarding defence, security issues and stealing of the diaries of a minister no less than the speaker of the house.

I hope that Australia hasn’t come to this I really do and I think that it is extremely dangerous for the  whole nation if our police forces are not entirely independent of political ideologists and with this turn of events coupled with the AFP apparent inaction during the Abbott regime along with Santos sponsoring police in mining areas and the fascist like laws passed by the Liberal Baird in NSW regarding protesting and right to gather it’s all getting a little too close to real full blown fascism to me. Very very suspect the whole scenario.

See The Guardian article

Could this be the reason behind the AFP raids


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