This mob cannot be trusted !

Clearly this LNP current mob cannot be trusted at all. They can’t even trust each other or each other’s staff. Stealing each other’s diaries to persecute and remove standing members. 

What are they going to do to us if they’re re elected. What are they telling us that’s actually true ? Remember that mad crazy budget emergency ? Now they’ve tripled our deficit not even in a full term of government but are telling us they have all the economic credentials and it’s all good. 

They’re telling us they have a unified team but Credlin is whiteanting Turnbull big time and they’ve dumped one PM and deputy PM before they’ve even got a full term in office, but, it’s OK we’re a united team. 

They’ll do anything.”, hurt anyone, use anyone to retain power but not for the country or you and I for the corporations and their corporate mates. 

LNP no trust they can’t even trust each other.


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