Backpacker Tax backpedal 

It seems this rediculous and threatening tax has now been delayed until after the election. That’s what the language is saying and if so why ?

I think it’s a highly risky taxation move to start with as it will damage farmers, growers and supply chains throughout the country because backpackers are the primary source of labour for the industry. Not only will this regressive move damage the fruit and veg industry but it will have a very negative affect on tourism as well. 

Most and those knowledgable in both these industries are strongly opposed and then that of course creates more problems for the flailing Barnaby (barnyard) Joyce in his electorate and among his constituency as they’re the people and industries that will hurt the most by this regressive form of taxation grab. 

Herein lies the struggle I have with this yet another backpedal by the Turnbull regime. I’m not convinced the review of this tax and holding it off until after the election is not just a safeguard attempt for Barnaby Joyce who s struggling and losing popularity at a rate of knots. 

So many flip flops by this mob it is now coming to be the expected and mostly around election time it increases burly they’re very sly, very slippery as we all know now and are prone do actually doing the complete opposite of what they say they’ll do or not do. Remember no cuts to Medicare,no cuts to ABC or SBS etc etc ……. It’s a long list. 

This backflip review stinks of a scam  to save Barnaby’s seat but I think it will backfire on them this time no matter how much Cormann and Morrison come out attempting to blame it all somehow on Labor.


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