The 8 Week Translation Begins

It’s going to be a long 8 weeks of backwards and forwards bullshit but I sense a need for a translator for the LNP Fascists as they’ve forgotten real language ie. Jobs and growth I was just listening to AM and Cormann in the space of just a minute or so sung the mantra at least 8-9 times the slogan when you’re not having slogans, but really what does it translate to ?
It translates to what it actually means as shown by their actions of absolutely nothing in their fictitious economic plan for social equity or social justice to generous even more than generous helpings of cheap labor jobs, low wages growth, kids working for the dole and $4 per hour to massive tax cuts for those at the big end of town avoiding tax anyway.

ie. Jobs and Growth – Serfdom and Profit and so we really need to translate everything this mob say remember no cuts to medicare, no cuts to ABC, no cuts to pensions etc etc Just remember all the lies and deceit it’s actually no different under Turnbull.

Just let me explain that mantra, the slogan as I understand in mere layman terms. We know that the LNP claim to have an economic plan for the future and that in part the result of that plan is the holy grail (to them) of surplus and that they will pursue that fervently and apparently have been since the 2013 /14 election. So back to the translation of the new slogan, I digress like an LNP economic advisor.

Jobs, well by jobs we must be assume they mean working at an occupation that pays money for us to educate our children take care of our immediate health matters and ?proved food and lodging for our family. Yes ?

Growth, By growth we can safely assume they mean some economic endless profit scheme that will provide the jobs and all the benefits we are supposed to get from those jobs and of course massive profit. Yes ?

So the jobs part will be as we know and as the LNP have made absolutely certain we know will preferably be without penalty rates for those days or nights you must work to keep your unsafe un union protected unsafe job and therefore feeding the growth part of the slogan. JObs for your unemployed kids at $4 per hour without union protection, without a safe workplace, used as child labor basically and of course as Cormann would say there will be all the checks and balances in place etc blah blah … sounds even less palpable than the pink bats to me I must say. So they are assuring us, as they do, that there will not be any unscrupulous bosses companies and workplaces that are gong to utilise this harebrained scheme to avail themselves of the cheap labor made available here and even if they don’t what’s to happen to these trainees, interns etc when the course time expires ? back to the under poverty dole ?

Equitable Job’s will not and cannot be created equitably under and LNP government concept of growth nor will they be created via TPP or FTAs because these are all just part of the growth strategy and the  growth strategy is purely about profit and more profit for those already avoiding taxation in our country on a massive scale and profiting very well along with the tax avoidance. FTA’s TPP etc among other such schemes are not good for Australia and as a layman even I can see that they murder micro economies and real economic growth at community levels, chances for small businesses to grow and prosper chances for new small businesses to start up. Any profit and growth  for these FTA and TPP major corporates, foreign  investors and holding companies is 99% funnelled overseas and does little real benefit for our own economy or us in Australia except kill our own manufacturing base lessen conditions and wages for Australian workers. I digress again, but seriously how does something for instance like 457 Visa workers benefit Australians ?

Growth Massive tax cuts for the rich and large corporates is not  growth  for Australians and we’ve seen this under their economic policies before with  Howard and Costello and their pseudo economic nosh that was based on selling the farm to buy the feed.  It was their misconstrued lust for surplus that got us into the dire straights we are in now, you know, that budget emergency that seemed to disappear from the rhetoric as the LNP triple the damned deficit and brought us back up to near 6% unemployed in a mere couple of years under their rule.

So what I’m trying to say is beyond all the excuses, and believe me that Cormann has some, get past all the never ending blame Labor, if Labor, if we, if and maybe etc, get beyond all that rubbish, excuses, slogans and rhetoric that leads absolutely nowhere and to no actual plan the one slogan the LNP are going with in my eyes translates perfectly to

Jobs and Growth =  Serfdom and Profit

So look this is how I see it the LNP as do Labor and the Greens to some extent, want more than anything for Australia to be just a corporation, for them to be the managers for the corporations that control and own our country and us for that matter and they will do anything and say anything to achieve this, their lust for surplus is mere lust for more profit for the corporations.

Just remember these people the Cormanns, Morrisons and Turnbulls spruiking economic plans, great economic credential more understanding than anyone else, spruiking lka car salesmen how they’re on top of the economic situation are the very same people who couldn’t get through one term of government with the same prime minister, couldn’t get through on term of government without tripling the deficit and government debt, couldn’t get through one term of government without unemployment getting to near 6% in fact couldn’t get through one term of government period.

Now according to the I am a person left of the Greens (surprise surpise) and I admit that I am left of left a socilaist, but even though I do usually vote Greens I will be voting Labor this time around because for some reason beyond my understanding the Greens always preference Liberal or LNP, the very opposite to their won ideoligical leanings and that’s dangerous for us, for our children and their children and for the environment we are, most of us, keen to save and do right husbandry with.

If more people vote Labor less chance of fascism increasing in our country, this election must go beyond personality it must be, I don’t know maybe spiritually morale to a greater degree and though I do not trust any of the 3 major parties if ever we are going to get rid of them for real democratic change we need to stop the fascist religious right NOW.

We can deal with Labor but we will suffer under the LNP fascist right wing religious zealots as will our children’s future along with the environment we have and they have to live in.


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