Wake up Australia, open your eyes


The way I am seeing it at the moment is that the main problem with these neocon liberals in power now led by a megalomaniac is that they truly believe that tax that we pay is for them do with with just what they want. That whatever thy believe is right is the only reason for tax, to pay their way, their privileges and that helping corporations is better for us than any social infrastructure.
You can see this quite clearly in the cuts to most social infrastructure, education, information services, services to the needy, homeless, old and frail, invalid and youth, reversal of legislation designed by other governments, the subsidising of corporate billionaire owned companies, the destruction of workers rights, conditions and wages and the introduction of sell offs to foreign government owned entities with included benefits of bringing in their own cheap and in most cases less skilled labor on 457 visas.


Major problems for our working class here

Basically selling off our rights our country and our resources because this is their right as our rulers and they will do it no matter what we think.
These people want you at the footy, watching The Voice, drinking beer and generally being dumbed down, distracted  enough and tied up financially enough not to pay attention to just what they are up to.
After all it’s better and easier that way for them to achieve their goal of a feudal system without opposition or a weak enough opposition that just wont make any difference.
They will distract, increase fear and financial dependance on the system any way they can. It’s gong on everyday all around us creating fear in the community, dispossession, enmity between social, religious, economic and racial groups.
It’s the New World Order and it’s coming to a country near you real fast.
There is only one way to stop this situation, educate, realise, open your eyes. Don’t vote for the duopoly in Australia. The three parties have it tied up but in fact all have the same goal and all three will bend to the masters not us.
Get some more independents  Ludlams, Tony Widsors Bob Katters, Jaqie Lambies, Rob Oakshots in our parliament and take the complete dominating power of these lying charlatans playing left and right rubbish.


Australia has come to a point that has me deeply concerned for the future of our country and the world for my children and grandchildren and the legacy we are going to leave for them all,  yours, mine theirs ?
We have to all pay attention and not be silent distracted drones allowing the deceivers, rorters, users and elitists to turn us once more into a feudal system of rich elite and rulers as overlords for the very people doing all the hard lifting and paying to run the system that in the end enslaves them and enriches only those at the top of the administrative heap.
Seriously people think about it ? Subsidies and massive tax breaks for 100 year old industries with owners multi millionaires,  can’t they stand on their own feet by now ?

All while we are told to accept cuts to welfare, education, health and services that our very taxes are paid for ?

Imprisoning children in concentration camps and creating laws whereby people informing of the abuse of those children are committing an offense under Australian Law FFS wake up Australia this is not Nazism it’s Australia. Our fathers, uncles, brothers, sisters died in bitter bloody wars and conflicts to prevent this type of fascist rubbish happening.

parade-gal2-600x400 anzac-coloured-digger-with-medalsrefugees

Workers ? Unions ? I remember in this country when the workers and the unions would and could stop the country over this travesty of Nauru and Manus and the draconian spying on citizens, blocking information legislation being put in place by both main parties LNP and ALP.

Neocon forceIf you don’t care this is what is going to start happening in Australia Watch !
Don’t you see ? This is just to protect them and their interests, just to keep rolling out the feudal rulers system, to keep them safe from scrutiny regarding what they do in the name of the Australian people, deception, distraction, and deceitful.
No conspiracy theory here just plain reality if you open your eyes if you pay attention and really see what’s going on.
Wake up Australia, wake up before it’s to late and there is no more Australia and the only remnants of Australia are a handful of skinhead right wing Nazi white supremacists running work camps waving flags with a colonialist emblem on it claiming nationalistic pride is the be all and end all go back to sleep serfs you have coal to gather in the morrow as will your children and their children if you don’t stat paying attention to more than the footy, the beer fridge and the reality bullshit TV shows designed to numb you into indifference.



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