Tax Time … Have a think about it.

Open mind

So it’s tax time here in Australia and rather than just add up your money , see what you can claim back etc, pay up and go on working harder to pay even more tax we should I think, reflect a little on what’s really happening here.
We work harder and harder every year sacrificing family time, friendships, leaser time, health, sleep and rest, recreation to work harder, more hours, work overtime and get taxed a higher rate for more effort, more profit (productivity) for our employers/overlords more tax receipts for our government which, should, should mean more services, less poor and homeless, better health and education etc. But, what really happens with that tax ? So much get wasted and rorted.

LNP ALP Snouts

One example of tax use

We have politicians, claiming taxpayer money as expenses for doing so called charity work ? Well I ask you how can this crap possibly be construed in any way shape or form charitable if you are being paid monies paid by someone else hard work and contribution into the social pot for the bettering of everyone in the social pot to do something charitable for this in the social network in trouble but take from the pot to do so. To me it amounts to stealing the donation tin on the counter, collecting for a real charitable cause and then taking percentage for yourself. To me it’s stealing from charity, actions that are of benefit to yourself, enriching yourself financial from charity to is not charitable work.

tony-abbott-pollie-pedal Daughter house

We see the Pollie Peddle for one instance, politicians making a big show of doing something for some cause or other or for some charity to help others worse off but at the same time taking profit, taking a pay from this action to enrich themselves, it’s utterly disgusting to me and to many others who are awakening to this bullshit, to this deception of “oh look I’m doing my bit to help” but in fact it’s just a ruse for name and fortune and then claiming a disgusting payment for it from us.
A payment from the hard working taxpayers, the working class who are in fact themselves worse off than these politicians claiming the expenses from those taxpayers monies contributed to society for the betterment of health, education, services and public utilities that those very same politicians are being paid very well to organise and provide.  We are being fooled, we are having our hard work used to misappropriate our earnings, the sweat of our brow, our labour and good intentions by those we are paying to work for us. Instead of working for us they are working for the benefit of large corporations.
Why, for the benefit and profit of a handful of people and companies selling arms to countries and then creating strife and terror in this same countries turning people against people, religion against religion. colour against colour, economic social level against economic social level and then bombing and killing in our names with our taxes whilst the media their corporate masters control keep us well misinformed about what is happening in the world, keeping us hating and prejudice against others in exactly the same situation as us or worse even. These actions even at a local level all serve to misinform us, to create hatred, disconnect between humans, races , breeds, religions and so replicate the horror, the fear and the loathing for others so the situation can perpetuate itself over and over.


What is the outcome of all this ? It keeps us under control, it makes many among us numb to hate and killing, to viewing starving wounded children and whole nations in constant poverty educationally, health wise and in human rights as simple as even water and food to eat.


These politicians over whatever calling, right, left, center, communist, republican, liberal, labor, whatever all share the same agenda because of the system of politics they have imposed on us, they do not govern us they rule us, in some places by force and in some places by subterfuge, lies, deceit and trickery. They are not honest people nor are they our servants they are in fact the servants of profit, wanderlust for elitism and will use any form of deceit and /or power to get their lust fulfilled.

Govwolves Fascism

It/s time for the world, for the humans to wake up, seriously do you think any Muslim is born hating and wanting to kill others because of their belief ? Do you think any white child is born believing that black humans are less than they are ? All these things are taught, indoctrinated into the human psyche. Do you believe that Nazism is genetic, do you think the Jewish child is born hating Palestinians ? In fact is any child born religious for that matter ?
Do you believe that if there is a God he/she accepts only those that wear a certain type of funny hat or a certain type of robe or specified amount of hair on his head or chin ? Or that God finds women menstruating unclean ? Or only the one who hates gay people shall enter the fantasy heaven.

Shall only the poor ever be accepted by this God, only the downtrodden and bitterly disappointed in life have the availability of God a very convenient indoctrinated mindset for some.
Only the socio economic status of a man or woman matters these days, lower pay and education is a crime to society, poverty and oppression are where the lower forms of humans exist and this perception is promoted via Apps, TV, Mass Media News and even in the entertainment we watch and play on our devices. It’s perpetuated and drilled into us all for a reason, it’s indoctrination it’s power, power, profit and elitist sovereignty over the human race by a handful of humans using the tools of politics, easily bought politicians who we can plainly see by their action care only for the luxury of wealth and power and no care at all for the actual people they are employed by.

IMG_3354 Neocon force

And so I am not about to promote the answer here, I don’t know the answer just the question that arise in my mind when I see the world, the politics the wars,  the hate the fear and loathing, the politicians rorting and deceiving us perpetuating fear disconnect with humans via nationalism bits of different colored cloth that supposedly are who we are. These people we pay to work for us to coordinate our nation our purse, the guardians of the fruits of our labor … these politicians here in Australia and elsewhere in the world. Yes this is how deep and concerned I become when I look at my tax bill. So pay up peeps 30th June is come and gone but it means a lot more than we see on the cover of the tax sheet.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 10.22.54

Think about how much you’re paying, to whom you’re paying it and WHY.

99% Suddenly we're the bad guys... Resistance

It’s time the 99% started to hold the balance of power and to use that power in the world for the good of all not the profit of the few, the 1%

There is enough resource in this world for all to share, to live long happy lives without the hate, without the predjudice, without destroying the planet our home.

Some hate him some love him but Russel Brand hits the nail on the head here


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