So now it appears that the Tony Abbott led LNP with the cooperation of Bill Shorten’s ALP are exposing themselves, yes exposing themselves ! Exposing themselves to be truly the neo fascists we thought they are.


New draconian legislation that controls what information we can and cannot have access to primarily designed for the corporate bosses that set the government agenda in this country now. Tax breaks for them while talking of and indeed cutting funding (our funding our taxes) to education, health, pensioners, you know, the ones who’s sweat and labour made this country what it is .


Pedophiles, wife bashers and murderers get little attention while a nutcase with a gun is utilised by this cretin Abbott’s advisors as a terrorist attack in Australia to spread fear and panic through the nation via the idea box, indoctrinating, programming whilst dumbing down the suburbs, the voters the constituents they are supposed to serve and are paid to serve. WTF Australia what has happened to our collective psyche ? Have we been dumbed down so much that we are going to accept this pillow case over our collective heads. Don’t look we’ve got this under control attitude of a government so riddled with incompetence they don’t even bother to lie anymore just feed us some total bullshit about what they’re doing needs to be secreted from us for our own good. Go home watch The Voice, The Reno, Idiots Getting Married without meeting. FFS what’s happened here people ?



Now as this government slowly progresses through their mantra of undignified rorting, lying to their employers (Thats Us) while buttering their bread on both sides with the fat of the land, apparently taxpayer funded housing and mortgages, cigars and bullet proof BMW’s daughter as the face of BMW oh hello, wake the fuck up Australia don’t you see the program here.

Daughter house

Withhold information and/or the ability to get it, watered down FOI laws increased costs for same, allow certain people to control the mass media, get rid of public broadcasters by reduced funding and/or cronies in top management. Attacks on unionism with massive waste of funds, internet blocking, VPN site blocking so you can’t even browse the net privately.

This is the 21st century book burning people wake up before it’s to late. What this government and the opposition also are doing is following the very same techniques as Hitler’s regime did slowly slowly take away a little each day and they’ll never notice until it’s to late.


Think about it, what has this mob actually done ? What are they doing for us the people that pay their way ?

Destroyed the NBN

Stopped the mining tax

Stopped the Carbon Tax

Spent billions on concentration camps and cruel inhumane treatment of men women and children seeking refuge form torture, ethnic cleansing etc

Bought boats

turned back boats

paid people smugglers

militarised police

close down indigenous communities

backed miners and corporates at our expense

sold out our industries to foreign FTA’s

Sold of all the public infrastructure our forefathers built and paid for

Sent our young men to illegal wars

abandoned our war vets after duty

the list goes on but before long I am certain if this government and pseudo opposition continue on this path we are going to see civil disobedience enmasse in Australia the likes of which will make eureka stockade look like a a kids picnic.

Will YOU stand up ? Will YOU stand up for our Australia that this mob is turning into a slave pit for the corporate entities that rule them. WILL YOU STAND UP ?



These will be the real heroes of our time.




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