Bali 9 right or wrong it’s done

It’s been a while since I’ve had a rant and this is something I am in need of speaking about.

Do not misunderstand me I do not in any way agree with any legal fraternity or constitution that instills a death penalty for any crime at all nor do I condone what has taken place in regard to these two drug smuggling ring leaders who were far from innocent. Having said that I will continue with my opinion on the whole circus that has surrounded this media fiasco and feeding frenzy.

Whilst many are blaming Kealty and the AFP and many are screaming boycott Indonesia and Indonesians are the boogie man in this situation we must always keep in mind that the penalties for narcotics in particular are well known to those travelling to Indonesia especially Australians after the well publicised Corby case and so these men put them selves in harms way quite consciously along with the other young people they used as mules and therefore knew what would happen if they were caught. I also believe the media has has a very big influence in this case as they did in the Corby case and things may have been very different if they had just reported the facts and not carried on with the sensationalised frenzy for ratings.

This does not mean that I in any way condone the result or the way the resulting deaths have come about. I do not see rehabilitation and remorse as being of to much import in this situation as it is forced, facing a death penalty is not the optimum situation for genuine remorse as is being imprisoned in total boredom not really a great cooker for genuine remorse and rehabilitation it is either do something with yourself or give up in my opinion but still these two did make some positive and very positive changes to others lives and the general prison system at least at Kerobokan prison and for that many are grateful and better off. They should have been spared for that reason alone.

Now many have been screaming and wailing, procrastinating and pontificating on Facebook posts, at memorials vigils with candles and prayers etc at various places in Australia and many offering opinions just like myself here and I have been attacked on social media by some in a very aggressive manner for expressing my opinions on this whole scenario but that’s not a problem aggressors and abusers are easily blocked and I prefer to have dialog with those that agree or disagree. This is a process of education, learning of others opinions and from others opinions, it’s like reading textbooks of life and how we attain real education, the education that keeps you learning and yearning for knowledge and the path to being a better human which brings me to the main point of this rant.

EDUCATION ! this is the major problem facing the world today, it is the number one thing the 1% do not want to spread, it is the reason for so much death, murder, rape and destruction on our planet and in my humble opinion the less there is the more close we come to our downfall as a species.

If one takes a good look at the world it is quite easy to see that those places that have poor, little or no education or perhaps controlled education that is more indoctrination those places, towns, counties, states, countries have the most extreme amounts of violent crime, murder and poverty than places of quality education.

In these places primitive religious orders and cults thrive, the humans have less and less respect for others and for human life until a point is reached where the humans behave in a less moral and ethical way than animals. The humans rape, murder, steal with violence, lack compassion or basic common courtesy toward their fellow humans and of course are very easily influenced this way or that by mass media and the powers that use this mass media to manipulate our social conscious as a whole and therein lies a major problem facing a world where legal systems install death penalties as a punishment for crime whilst subliminally and successfully encouraging and nurturing a social emotional response that keeps the ball rolling so to speak. The social injustices, the economical injustices, the violent personal disagreements and the tragedies they result in among families, neighbourhoods, wars, state sponsored murders of the world are perpetuated and promoted through these failings in the state, governments and the humans themselves to Educate.

With quality education comes understanding, emotional growth, humanistic maturity and real civilisation with good worthwhile qualities like compassion, generosity, and empathy, qualities that the humans must have to survive, qualities that can eliminate hatred, prejudice and greed along with all it’s cohorts.

So what I am saying it’s not the fault of Indonesians, they’ve been brutalised, murdered, raped and pillaged by the authorities of their own nation for decades. The Soeharto regime murdered more Indonesians than Pol Pot did Cambodians during the Soeharto dynasty’s  brutal 30 or so years of power. Most everyday Indonesians don’t know the story the same as they didn’t know about the Balibo 5 or the brutal murder and rape of the East Timorese at the hands of the KOPASUS and BRIMOB through out that period but our government here in Australian knew and were complicit.

Don’t blame or hate the Indonesian peoples, or the people’s of any nation that has a death penalty because most of their populations are kept in the darkness by deliberate and or subliminal deprivation of EDUCATION. There is also the form of education that is not and in fact is just indoctrination even within our own family. Shock ! Horror ! But yes in fact that’s the way it is because unless knowledge and debate around knowledge (philosophy) is openly and freely shared and learned and acted upon by all, your nation, your state, your neighbourhood, your family, YOU well there will always be a future for the human species that is very very far from what we may term as optimal. We will never reach optimum performance as a race as a species and will still keep killing each other brutally and senselessly.

So many little sayings and quotes, snippets of wisdom you see here and there on social media are appropriate her now for example; “Racisms isn’t inherited it’s taught” “When you point your finger at someone else there are always three pointing back at you” etc etc but really what I am trying to say is that I feel the most important thing needed to prevent wars, state sponsored murder for crime etc, a better world with a better species is EDUCATION. This is the founding stone of the advance of the humans this is the foundation we need to become truly civilised. Ignorance is the enemy hate and destruction are it’s product.



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