Australian Media and Politician Vampires Of Hypocrisy

@billshortenmp @TonyAbbottMHR
I’m so sick of all the crying and whaling over these two heroin smugglers in Indonesia.

They used younger kids to smuggle for them without care or mercy, they knew the penalty. Everything has been done to save them and yet the media and politicians are feeding of it like vultures and vampires but no one fucking cares about the genocide of the beautiful ancestors of the fuzzy wuzzy Angels of West Papua.

Papua1 Papua2 Papua3
Our oldest Allies they saved, protected and comforted our fathers, uncles and grandfathers in WWII in Rabaul, Papua, Kakoda.
Such bullshit hypocrisy as our country turns a blind eye to their genocide by Indonesia for mostly Australian mining companies.
Makes me fucking sick and angry with ANZAC centenary just around the corner
How many at the vigil tonight for the two Bali smugglers have lost some one because of heroin or had family destroyed and how many have superannuation tied up in the mines of West Papua facilitating this genocide and murder in our doorstep the genocide of our allies.

polisiThis is how we repay them for their heroism, my father would be rolling in his grave being saved by them in Kakoda to see their brutal genocide for mining while Australians cry and weep in the streets over a couple of thug heroin smugglers. My sympathy has been drained by the vampire media feeding frenzy on these executions.
HEY AUSTRALIA what about these INNOCENT humans.


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