#SydnetSiege #Illridewithyou

#SydneySiege #Illridewithyou

So, there’s a lot to discuss but my take is about several factors in this horrible incident that has taken 2 innocent lives away from their families, the consequences for us and our social fabric along with some severe deficiencies associated with the whole sad affair.

The point is that after they have grieved the families of those lost must have it made clear their son, brother, sister, wife and mother died a hero and heroine attempting to protect those more vulnerable. This is important I feel for their life long loss to have some meaning to them.

Their are many aspects of this tragedy that our authorities and the legal fraternity at whole must answer for, why was such a well known angry and dangerous human already charged with many heinous crimes, permitted to keep walking the streets among us when he was clearly a very dangerous and psychotic offender capable of vicious and heinous crimes, alleged rape and complicity in a vicious murder does not warrant bail and this is occurring with an alarming rate. If Judges and lawyers are arguing legal rights then the law is just wrong because what is paramount in law should be protection of the community.

This type of human does not and should not be permitted to be among the community until it is proven that they are not a danger or innocent, it has proven to be a fatal mistake in many AVO situations and pedophile  cases not to mention cases like tis one.

Judges need to stop and think they are not only being paid by the community to adhere to the law but to also uphold the law and protect the community. Using the law as an excuse is available to them in decision making with pedophiles, wife bashers, child and women murderers may be all well and good to them but not to the next victim/s and if it is so then the laws need to be changed and quickly.

The religious aspects of this particular case although made predominant at the time of the incident by the flag in the window still needs to be looked at objectively and thoroughly without philosophising or judgment on whatever the particular religion. Cries of not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslim are just unfounded and untrue. We have all witnessed acts or know of vicious terror inflicted on innocents by many people in many different roles, priests screwing children, relatives doing the same under great threat and fear the children remain silent and unprotected, thats terror. The slaughter of so many children in Syria, Palestine, the senseless shootings in American schools, the lost stolen generations of indigenous children in Australia by the church authorities, the murderous Vietnam war, Afghanistan bombings all acts of terror and terrorists some condoned by the media and governments some not but, all the same, acts of terror. Lets get it together people. If we wish to refer to ourselves as civilised then we need to be civil, we need to look after each other not profit, not economies, not corporations and fascist like leaders but the economy of human life.

The muslim community in fact has reported many times to police the state of mind and intentions of this man that took innocent lives and are reporting others actions that may endanger our society and innocent people they’re doing their bit we as fellow Australians need to do our bit and assist them integrate not be without tolerance of difference or change, not alienate them through hate and misunderstanding, lets build some real culture, not multi culture, not beer and sloth, not drunken violence but a real culture. Our country is young in world terms we have the ability but we need the inspiration and determination to go with that.

We have enough resources on this planet for all we need to eliminate hatred and greed with the corruption of religion, power of world leaders and fanatics. Catch 22 you may say, how you may ask ? Well, I don’t know the answer but I do know that it is up to each and every one of us to make an attempt and that education is a big part of the key. We have grown as a species but for all we have, processes, technology, religion, spiritualism, health hygiene, we still don’t seem to be able to do the simple sum of sharing, of being together to the point we are as a species mass murdering each other, hoarding resources and wealth with holding the same from others less fortunate. We’re no better than primitive animals in the jungle where only the strong survive …. is that it for us, is that as far as we can go ? I’ll just leave that there for you to contemplate.

Another point is that how much is the media perpetuating these senseless acts ? Seriously we have police and security forces to help us because we cant all stop being bad, we cant all have the strength to stop the evil cruel ones. Why the hell was the media all though that siege permitted to film and broadcast every move of the police. What is the purpose of that, do we need to know or see this ? It’s now become a training exercise for those who would do us harm. They have watched and will watch over and over every detail to ensure they know how to handle ant response in the future. It is blatant irresponsible reporting by all concerned, or, should I say unconcerned. I feel deeply worried for police, not that I support all their actions, but deeply concerned for them when putting their lives on the line taking part in life saving incident such as this siege yesterday. It must stop and some form of hold put on what these idiots can broadcast. The authorities will spy on citizens and their internet use, make laws to control us but these media vultures have free rein, seriously ? I’m not talking removal of free speech or rights to know I’m talking about common sense for all our safety,. The world is particularly dangerous at the moment, i’m hoping together we can change it but it is difficult with this media hyper frenzy and the only motivation is the mighty dollar not to get you information.

All media is a problem but can be part of the solution. Don’t give these evil people, whatever flavour they are, a stage, don’t give them the air time, stop giving them what they want. So many governments say they wont negotiate with terrorists but allow the media to promote terrorists, their evil message and spread their fear and hatred. This is how you defeat them no matter what their ideology or religion. Stop giving them credence through the media. Don’t show their flags, their beheadings, their bombings, their murder of innocents and their speeches. Keep their rhetorical hatred and maniacal ideologies off the world stage. Sure we have a right to know but leave it at that and don’t give them what they want because that’s how they recruit more idiots, that’s how they win. Delete their Twitter posts, block them, report and delete them wherever you see them, complain to TV networks and News papers who give them free promotion for a sensation buck. That is how we as a people as a species get rid of this rotten piece of our fruit, how we eliminate the maggots. Stop feeding the cancer.

#Ilridewithyou This could be a good place to start.

I am hopeful there will be more people that support this movement than don’t, I am hopeful that racist thugs and bigots that just keep feeding the cancer of hate and separation can be turned around by this either through education about how much we need each other or by numbers and embarrassment.

Protect innocent people from the terror of racism and bigotry, give them some assistance, have some common decency and respect for all humans either Muslim, Mongolian, immigrant, 5th=10th generation immigrant or indigenous humans, our environment and peoples for if we don’t or at least begin to now then our species is lost, our planet is doomed and along with it your children’s children’s futures.

Please retweet, repost or whatever for we need to start caring about each other.


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