Oh Frack Me ….Just a word.

I have enjoyed immensely watching the last week of political rubbish unfold in the parliament and media of our country and as I haven’t written for some time after my holiday I am becoming increasingly frustrated at my lack of ability to say what I am feeling, seeing and thinking but the boil has burst and I must have a quick word.

Are we that stupid as a nation to believe the system we have in place and the people administering that system are working for us ? Seriously, have a good hard think about it !

We have many long term career politicians in our government and opposition (if you could call it that) and most I will dare to assume have little or no “life” experience ie School, Uni (free for most of them) a little law practice maybe, political career all with very little knowledge or experience in “real” life, the reality of the majority’s struggle for day to day living either paying a mortgage and a car etc, lower, middle or upper middle class let alone the poor and yet they bemoan our situations procrastinating in the parliament day after day how much they are doing for us, how their decisions are the best for us claiming outcomes that will make us all better off and our country flourish. Bullshit I say, lies, deceit, smoke and mirrors.

I for one was happy to see a woman PM although I was taken aback at the idol worship heaped on Gillard, and she wasn’t elected, then there was all the backstabbing in the party, change of leader like a leopard attempting to change its spots. In the end we see they are not much better than the other side of government an apparently charlatan mob of liars and deceivers with an ideological bent that is bordering on fanatic and definitely not in the interests of this country or us.

They are all tarred with the same brush and all corrupted by ignorance, academia and power lust along with the invisible kick backs, promised future careers etc that we may not see or prove but, we all know the stench.

Whilst many promote Gillard in demigod proportions I don’t see it that way at all, like all politicians they all have a moment, a great speech, some defining moment in their own circles that may or may not be portrayed via media to the public in a way that will further their career or idol like status and thus varying theories and concepts are formed in the collective mind of how great or rotten they are. Look at the Gillard Rudd scenario. I ask you was it just those two individuals created that whole sordid affair and was the workings of it and the outcome in any way shape or form of any benefit for us or our country ? No just for the party, just for the power, just for the others involved in the inner workings for their grasp at power right or left.

Now I’m trying to be objective here I am not supporting Labor or LNP or Greens, what I am saying is what I feel for us, the people, the voters, the workers, the kids, the families, the gays, the immigrants, the good people ( and the bad) of this country.

We need the micro parties, we need the independents in our government and our senate as you have seen this week and the last year of blatant attempts by this government to pass legislation through the parliament that in no way benefitted us as a whole at all culminating in the senate (thankfully) blocking the Universities cost skyrocketing out of most of our children’s reach. Just one example. Then there was the ditching of the state LNP in Victoria and their stupid plan to put more carbon emitting vehicles on roads rather than build more public transport infrastructure. Bad decisions being over turned by the people, the voters.

I personally disliked PJK as a person, I didn’t know him, but, he appeared an arrogant man to me I voted for him every election none the less and was saddened for his departure from Australian politic for I saw in him a genuine man, with a genuine desire to better our lot and our country with the smarts to go with it. That’s another story and undoubtedly there was more going on than you or I will ever know about, as is now, as was with the grubby Gillard Rudd poo fight as is now with this ideological bereft of ethics mob in government now.

Seriously ? They care for us ? Seriously ? they’re running the country aren’t they ? They make the legislation. They profess to want to help us, to having a burning desire to further the country’s power wealth and fortune benefitting us all …oh paaaleeez

But, apart from the facts of wanting to tax us more, take from the pensioners who earned their pensions building their part of the country, pay cuts for our military who lives are on the line right now around the world, education legislation I suspect designed to put real education out of reach for the lower classes, systematic killing off of information services like the ABC and SBS and handing it on a plate to Murdoch and his ilk.

They seem to believe we are stupid enough (well, some of us) to accept the free removal of our resources from the country enriching just a few corporation and billionaires telling us it’s great for us, creates jobs, puts money into the economy blah blah blah who’s freaking economy ? Not ours that’s for sure and now we have secret free trade deals that will complete the ruse Hockey admitting basically he let our manufacturing industry die to make these free trade deals with other countries. Where the hell is the benefit in that for the workers and their families that are losing their livelihoods, careers trades and expertise from Holden and Ford etc.

You think Labor is any better ? They also support these free trade deals, the TPP, they give subsidies and tax breaks to their billionaire political donors, they allow unions to be loaded with right wing leaders that are weak and give up workers rights. Where are the unions this week with announcements feeling out the populace on nuclear energy for Australia ? Once they would have had every worker in the streets on this and on the cruel and inhumane treatment of refugees. Remember who reopened Nauru and Manus Island folks ? Labor and now just this week startling revelations in even the MSM from ex naval personnel about the cruel and inhumane orders or lack of to leave boat people to die, not a diplomatic way to say it but that’s what it boils down to isn’t it ?

So you see they are the same, one is cruel and inhumane corrupt to the core, lies cheats and steals their way into government power the other the same but they throw social lollies to us while they’re sticking it in us. Wake up Australia they’re selling our country, our infrastructure, our children’s futures right out from under us with a smile on their faces and a helping hand reached out in front of them that will quickly be withdrawn when they retire on their massive taxpayer funded pensions and perks along with a new job with one of the corporate entities.

So what am I trying to say  here, what am I whining about ?


Because you will now witness a mad scramble and mass media coverage begin about how destructive micro parties and independents are in the parliament. Bothe the major parties and the Nationals (hangers on of no relevance to anyone) are scared, they’re scared of a couple of people in the parliament that might just be crazy enough to thwart their desire to bequeath Australia to the corporates and the new world order one government rule of the planet.

I don’t particularly like Lambie, Lazarus or Wang, nor dislike them nor their stance on many things but,  they have stuck it up the present government and they apparently did it in consideration of people, Australians, voters, their constituents. Whoever heard of such a thing eh ? They will do the same to the next government and both major parties know it so there will be a concerted push now by major parties and their corporate bosses to make the Parliament unattainable to the people, people who may just really care about their constituents.

They do not want our voice in the halls of our own parliament. Frack me I’m angry this morning, anger born of concern for our county’s future for our children’s children’s futures.

Add edit: I’l bet there will be some future scrambling also regarding social media and the control of same, they’re getting very scared.


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