Wrote this some time ago. Still relevant

What’s going down under our very noses via the whats good for us line.

A considered will to destroy our forests for profit. The audacity of this Gov to tell us it’s OK to dump sludge on the Great Barrier Reef

The organised government push against the voters to allow rampant fracking and coal seam gas mining

Changing the laws on racial vilification Vic Laws against any protest

Royal Commission to crucify Unions

Laws to stop criticism of Government

Qld Laws against association (nothing to do with bikies) Stops union protests
Secrecy on almost everything the government does now

No Lawyers or press permitted to enter Manus Island or Naru even after a brutal murder

Desire to control the education curriculum including “religious instruction”
Taking pitiful amounts from veterans orphans
Relaxing 457 work visas to allow more foreign “skilled” workers while closing down TAFFE colleges
Unprecedented sell offs of public utilities to mates in private enterprise
NSW deals with insurance companies no more cover on way to/from work
Public servant unable to comment on social media
Wide ranging police powers that don’t effect common criminals that attack the people
Militarisation of police
Our youth sent to illegal wars against sovereign nations at the whim of the USA without any consultation with the people
Do I need to go on with the list to show that clearly although we supposedly have a democratic country that is in fact become an Dictated Plutocratic Oligarchy the very worst scenario the people of any nation could possibly been placed in.



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