Palmer profits from good deal with Tony (no deals) Abbott

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I am genuinely disgusted at what has transpired in our parliament over the last few days and at the disgraceful sleazy tactics the Abbott led LNP have utilised in an attempt to blame all their own failings and bad policy on Labor.

Don’y get me wrong I am not to pleased with Labor or Bill Shorten who is behaving as leader of the opposition with about as much strength and leadership as a wet tissue.

It beggars belief that Clive Palmer can stand in front of the Australian people and state he is there to protect the people when in my opinion he is in parliament for the sole purpose of bettering his own interests as I believe most of the others are as well. This mob in our parliament at the moment would have to be collectively of the poorest quality and have the lowest stature and ethic of any I have seen since I’ve been aware of politics.

The deal done by Abbott and Palmer to dump the mining tax and at the same time dump hard working Australians superannuation rises until 2021 is a dirty slimy act on both parties parts. The mining tax benefits Palmer’s mining interests and so his PUP party should not have been allowed to vote as does the Super deal because now he pays less super to his employees. No conflicts of interest,well you be the judge of that.


The LNP also have said before the election they would knock the super rises on the head and yet after the deal is done with PUP Joe Hockey has the outright gall to publicly tell us that we can blame Labor because the deal would’t have to have been done if they had voted for the mining tax repeal. What a hypocritical man what a hypocritical government. Cannot be trusted as apparently neither can Clive Palmer.

So they claimed the MRRT made no money but was costing jobs and holding Australia back and damaging the mining industry in some way, but, hang on, didn’t they say it was not making any money at all and was useless ? But on the other hand they now will be $6.5 bil down in the budget every year for what the MRRT takings were funding ? Cake and eat it appears to me although the logic and sense behind it doesn’t even add up to that.

So, it stands that we subsidise (Pay) the mining giants Gina, Clive, Ziggy and the new Indian consortium to remove ,sell and profit from the resources that belong to all Australians while they pay no tax back into the country’s coffers ? Nice deal Clive

Tony (I don’t do deals) Abbott 

(You must click this to watch the video)

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The LNP government that is facilitating this for the mining giants then stops the superannuation rises for the workers in all industry throughout Australia attacks penalty rates and conditions while increasing foreign worker visa availability and sneaking old WORK CHOICES back into the parliament but tell us at the same time they are working in our interests ? Seriously ? But ! the really really tragic thing is there are people out there that believe this garbage because the only facts or sudo facts they ever get is from the MSM who’s agenda is also just for profit and not dissemination or correct and valid information.


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