Lack of stable government

The lack of stability in the agenda and policy strategies of the new LNP government have made it difficult to get a grip on anything they are doing, attempting to do or just how they are going to proceed with their ridiculous budget and ideology.


There has been nothing of substance to write about unless one constantly alludes to the comedy of Joe Hockey or the insidious ravings of Tony Abbott although we could discuss why the taxpayers are paying Malcolm Turnbull to spend all his time as communications minister desperately trying to sell the LNP’s fraudband and his incessant conga line of consultants mostely ex government of LNP friends making a buck in an all out effort to stop the greatest infrastructure project for the last few decades.

This of course is a very strange move on the LNP behalf considering before the election Tony Abbott was spruiking that he wanted to be remembered as the infrastructure PM ?

Beggars belief I know but that’s what he was saying then again maybe when we witness the shortsightedness of this government we can understand that maybe he sees only roads as infrastructure and modern technologies like renewable energy systems, fast modern internet connectivity delivering faster more updated information to the voting public as a danger to his personal antiquated ideologies.

Anyway this is about all the comment I can muster at the moment until I go on holidays and sift through my archive of information stored at a very ordinary internet speed on Pocket regarding how many LNP politicians have lost their memories at ICAC over the last few months, how may different faces and speeches they have fronted up in the public sphere in panic and damage control.

Seems each week one of the front bench says something completely out of left field or just utterly stupid like the abortion gaff etc. Then they get another chance before, I guess Peta Credlin, throws them off our screens and fronts up some more literate or articulate ministerial secretary or junior minister to try to either explain the previous gaffs or blame Labor as Mathias Cormann with the threats and rubbish about more years with Labor debt and more Labor taxes when in fact we have an LNP government that has doubled the deficit in a very short time … Nice try Mathias had me laughing which is a change from almost choking in incredulity.

So I will be posting again some details and particular cases with my opinion/read on whats going on very shortly and as I am going to Europe for my holidays this year with laptop in hand I’m hoping it will be from a very relaxed space in some of the wonderful cafes in Amsterdam or on the balcony of a villa in Tuscany at sunset or maybe while sipping mint tea at some ancient tea house in old Istanbul. We shall see that is is someone doesn’t blow Europe up before I get there.

And so I do apologies to those few followers I have here and those who may venture a read here for not being more consistent with the blog but I will get there life is learning and I’m trying. In the meantime I will post some clips and pics especially of the March In August from the Central Coast march.


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