Australia Stunned into inaction

I’ve been so dumbfounded by what’s transpiring in our country at the moment it’s difficult to find the words but after listening to PJK on TV a couple of nights ago just had to have a rave

This budget is on my mind and I’m disgusted by what our country has allowed to happen.
We no longer live in a democratic country we have a small amount of people with huge amounts of inherited wealth that has become capitol growing faster than the countries economy.
This fast growing capitol allows this small percentile group to still invest, still grow capitol and have plenty to effect the very politics of our nation. To effectively buy the political class, for we do now have a political CLASS, and the results they need or desire from the nations elected leaders.
Seriously have a good look it’s not democracy it’s an oligarchy.
These 1% in Australia have accumulated growing capitol and own most of the infrastructure in our country and the governments we elect are selling them most of the public infrastructure that has been built maintained and run by public money ie: taxation. They do this various ways the favorite now being public private partnerships which is just a fancy way of giving away the infrastructure cutting back on employees running them cheaper and with far less quality at more cost to the end users ie: us.
For instance our extremely suspect State Government’s new leader is now sending 800 of our taxpayer funded police who’s job is to protect and serve us 100s of kilometers away to break yup a perfectly legal protest against what we all know is a very dangerous practice of CSG mining.


This is an oligarchy the police now working for private enterprise at the behest of our government wake up Australian.
We have a once proud Navy now being forced into secret dealings offshore that are suspect to say the least and almost bordering on people smuggling now although the real story is yet to be revealed. Government ministers utilizing our armed forces for their own political design ? Seriously and secreted to the people who are paying for this action ie: us.
I’m ready for the revolution because sure as shitting there is not going to be any double disillusion as was promise by Abbott if he didn’t get his way and he isn’t going to hold to his word on anything he said to get elected.
Even the Stop the Boats is a lie because if the boats have been stopped then what is it our military is illegally turning back ? What are the orange lifeboats minus safety equipment being used for.
These people are lying to you, Budget emergency proven fact that Hockey and Cormann cooked the books doubled the deficit so they can collect more revenue from us just a tricky way of raising the GST. Petrol excise up 1-2% everything goes up every commodity you use it’s a tricky way of upping the GST to get more revenue to handle the billions of $ in subsidies to profiting miners tax us to pay for their fuel to sell of our resources wake up, and all, directly linked to politicians massive superannuation pensions worth more a year than your home would sell for and their future careers working for the inherited capitol of the Australian 1%.


Now we find ourselves with both ALP and LNP politicians tied up by the dozen in ICAC or Royal Commissions, sure Royal Commissions that are set up as political revenge or distraction by Tony Abbott but still bringing forth shocking evidence that is clearly making it absolutely obvious to thinking Australians that something has to change.

Meanwhile all three larger parties are sitting on a committee contrived by themselves to make it almost impossible for the voting public to break free of the duopoly of ALP/LNP with Greens scraping around their ankles. A committee set up to find a political solution that will make it impossible almost for independents and smaller parties that represent around 25% of the voters in this country effectively denying them a say or a chance for their ideas to grow or even appear in the light of day.


Was there ever more reason we need to revisit our constitution and edit it big time also adding a bill of rights for all Australian citizens in fact for all human beings living in or visiting our country.

The Oligarchy of inherited wealth is sound and it’s minions our overpaid over fed  politicians are so politically immature they are easily led by the 1% they’re so bug eyed at the amount of money they can score, the amount of freebees they can get their hands on they have become dysfunctional and more or less as useless as bug eyed kids given free rein in a lolly shop as we see with evidence in the Unions Royall Commission yesterday implicating Julia GIllard and her ex boyfriend in scandalous behavior regarding funds whilst a lawyer and a Union official, we see the assistant treasurer of the country dragged through ICAC utilizing some, in my opinion, fake excuse of not recalling any details regarding funds hello this is the assistant treasurer of the country ?

377373_10200467895515851_863517638_nimages-1QUESTION TIME4395428-3x2-940x627

We have taxpayers paying massive subsidies for fuel to the mining giants who whilst profiting into the hundreds of billions of dollars get away with paying little or no tax via “creative accounting” that the oligarchy controlled politicians let by the by whilst they are enjoying free rein in the lolly shop filling their greedy little pockets. Now they are telling us they can’t spend anything on the weak of our society and that they must in fact cut taxpayer funding for arguably the best health care system in the world and charge us extra tax on our fuel and scrape together billions for a ridiculous paid parental leave fund for the oligarchic elite because int heir ideology that is more important than a fair tax on our resources that are profiting a few and many overseas investors , more important than public transport health and education even to the point of creating a situation that is bleak at best for lower socioeconomic groups to educate their children. Eliminating any competition for the inherited capitol users and the corporations they run own or swindle the taxpayer through.

Read about “Creative accounting” what a farce and it must be stopped it is basically legalised theft while we pay and the top earners and inherited capitalists don’t.


They d say this to us while they spend up big time on their own fantasies, $28 billion warplanes that are proven lemons, Billions $ for a fleet of new VIP jets, a fleet of bullet proof BMW cars, among the other pay rises and overpriced libraries and $17,000 book shelves that were used for just a few months and that’s all without their lifetime lolly shop massive pensions that they may appropriate when they leave politics not at 70 as they wish us to do.

bmw-760i-f03-high-security-genf-2011-10Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 13.06.05 pm

To me the single most important issue right now is this attempt by these corrupt ex lawyers and union officials in politics the Greens ALP and LNP attempting to cement themselves as the only political choice for Australia this is the number one most dangerous threat to our democracy to our choice to our way of life and our ability to have a say in it and our country’s future. Way up Australia don’t let them do this it is our biggest challenge and threat to our right to live as Australians in a free country with democratically elected governments and leaders. If they get this into play you will only ever be able to vote for Greens ALP or LNP is that what we need have a good think and a good look at how these idiots are performing like puppets to the oligarchic rulers Murdoch Rhinehart The Rothchilds etc.

images-2MarchinMarch images-1

In NSW we have a new premier by default via corruption and he is about to spend around $800 million taxpayer funds to send 700-800 police to the north coast to break a legal protest by taxpayers concerned about their property, their children’s health and the environment of all the taxpayers living there and he is doing this at the detriment of taxpayers security in every other region these police will be taken from and at the behest of Metgasco at the behest of a corporate entity so just who do our politicians work for and care for? Seriously is there any better example than this happening right now ?  Our taxpayer funded police mobilized against us with military like precision for an oil/gas corporation.

Wake up Australia
Wake up Australia.


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