Engineered budget emergency Take Care

We are not at war are we ? Is this government planning to go to war with any of our near neighbors or is this just a must ordered by the US corporate war machine so we can do some of their dirty work around the area or alternatively are we now in dire straights around our borders that we are going to shoot the refugees/asylum seekers out of the water to save face on stop the boats.
Whatever the reason they’re buying these pieces of garbage for you can be assured of a mass exodus of RAF pilots to commercial lines one these are purchased.


Apart from the huge amounts of problems and faults mention in the diagram they only have a range of 2000 klm, think abut that people because you and your children will be paying for them for quite some time.
At 2000klm that means a scramble out of Williamstown airbase to a threat of WA will see them maybe get to the fight fire off their measly 8000 rounds and payload of missiles then fall into the ocean because you can’t refuel all at once in the air now can you.
Now we are not at war and do not appear to be headed that way in the near future so why waste so many billions of dollars on these inferior “Joint Strike Fighter” unless we are going to “Joint Strike” someone in the neighborhood ?
What’s the mentality of this government for cheesus sake a fleet of bullet proof BMW’s, understandable with so many Australian PM’s being shot at by snipers lately, pardon my sarcasm, oh yes and Tony’s daughter now the new face of BMW Australia ??


And a new fleet of jets to service the LNP’s busy schedule of wedding and party appearances throughout India etc to appease those wealthy Indian miners digging up our coal, but that’s good for the country you might say and employment ? Guess who hasn’t been paying their workers wages in Australia around the Woolongong colliery area.
So billions on this rubbish and a paid maternity scheme that benefits only the extremely high paid rich, $8 billion gift to RBA and yet there is an engineered budget emergency that will make it impossible to keep ANY pre election promises of the LNP and cause massive new taxes on the poor the pensioners and begin the demolition of medicare among many other socially beneficial programs.
Orwell didn’t write novels he was a Nostradamus pigs in the trough pigs in the trough.


Don’t get me wrong here I don’t believe there is much difference between ALP and LNP on any issues and we have an alternative god forbid a mining magnate with his own party and people who actually vote for that and believe his weasel words. I’m not saying I have an answer either but seriously we are in big trouble here and the future of our country, our very planet and species is in trouble if we don’t do something about the situation.
Just Sayin’


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