A Fair Go on ANZAC day ?


On the eve of ANZAC day when we remember those Australians young and old those gone or those still with us, their contribution and sacrifices for our way of life, for our freedom and, many who were just sacrificed at the whim of pompous British generals who had no idea whatsoever what a battlefield or fighting on one was like. I would like to look at just what is left as the benefit for us all because of their great sacrifice. What type of society and government do we really have ?

Lets start shall we with the murder of Reza Bararti an Iranian man seeking refuge or asylum in Australia from a brutal religious regime that our government and their allies have portrayed to us over the last decade as being evil, members of the so called “Axis of evil”. Now, one would imagine we would be happy to help someone in this position due to the nature of the social well being and lack of prejudices in our nation because that type of hatred was fought against by those that have now all but gone with the great sacrifice against the Nazi machine and the brutal Japanese campaign. We won that war didn’t we with the allies, The USA, The British, The Papuans among others. Remember the Papuans and how important to our soldiers in New Guinea they were, yes the ones that our government now ignores the wholesale slaughter and genocide of in West Papua by Australian trained armed KOPASUS.


I lost 2 uncles, my mother’s brothers in that 1st world war, as so many Australian young men they lied about their age to go to war for the cause and they were killed, one in that bloody tragic field in France the other in similar circumstances in Belgium ironically where there father had immigrated from to Australia maybe fighting against distant or even close relatives for the freedom and rights we have in our country today, or so I am told though I believe they died as cannon fodder for some pompous British General who had no idea of battle strategy at all.  My father returned though, mentally scarred becoming a violent alcoholic and never the same man my mother said, from Kakoda where he was wounded beyond physical scar.


I digress. Now it seems to me that we Australians have become the nasty ones with modern day concentration camps to our name in some of those very same places where our men fought and died to repress such evil sorts of threat and types of regimes taking hold. For many, the argument is that these camps are modern, functional and an all round holiday place of wonder though it seems that story is floored somewhat by the availability of eyewitness accounts and information that is leaked out despite our free and democratic governments ambitions of total secrecy. It appears that these leaks and eyewitness accounts including video footage tell of another side to the scenario, one of murder brutality and mayhem in our name.

We have untrained and in some cases we’ve been led to believe unlicensed people working in these camps guarding the inmates or detainees and some that are proven to be treating these people under our government’s (Mr Morrison’s) protection and care in a rather brutal fashion whilst still indirectly being on our payroll. That’s our payroll, the taxpayers of Australia, yes the Australian taxpayers payroll this country that very soon will celebrate and remember the scarifices of so many who fought against this very type of regime and brutal type of treatment of human beings.

That’s right Human Beings, people, like you and me albeit some are different skin toned to most of us and may have what we deem as strange cultural behaviors and or religious beliefs but none the less human beings and human beings that have turned to us for help. Mostly because of what they believe that our country and society stands for rights , democratic rights and humane treatment of human beings in need. They’ve heard about how our young men are willing to sacrifice even their very lives for freedom and rights for all even in far off lands and wars they have no part in or need to be in they’ve heard about our great ANZACs maybe.


Now in Australia we have an elected government and although elected I’m afraid to say, as I see it, not very good at the job they are being paid to do. There is much controversy over their actions on many fronts and although the majority of the ministers in this government claim some sort of religious belief and ethos they don’t seem to follow that up with any religious ethical behaviors or tactic toward other human beings and now it has evolved into, on Mr Morison’s watch, this shameful and brutal murder of a man seeking refuge and asylum from that very type of religious hypocrisy.


To top off this hypocritical stance on our behalf by what appears to be a government led by racist hypocrites and almost psychopathic people apparently bereft of any of the qualities their religious leader desired, professed or taught we have a brutal murder that it seems is being ignored at very high levels in all respects other than those to close down and or stifle investigation or facts emerging into this poor mans tragic end whilst seeking refuge in our supposed free and open compassionate country.

I know that my family, my uncles that died for freedom and an equitable way of life for all in Australia, they fought against repression and brutal regimes, governments and fanatics, my father who fought on Kakoda to help halt a similar brutal regime arriving here, all of them are shamed by this governments actions all their efforts and their ultimate sacrifice are belittled by this governments stand for brutality by proxy.


Now don’t get me wrong, I have spent many years in other parts and some of those parts are where many of the asylum seekers stage their flight to Australia via people smugglers and I know for a fact that there are many with plenty of money and that are definitely not genuine refugees or asylum seekers. Some of these people are in fact fleeing criminals from their part in past regimes in various countries and some just plain economic refugees seeking a better life in a more prosperous place. There are of course many who are genuine refugees and asylum seekers who if returned to country of origin will certainly face brutal and cruel retaliation for fleeing or just for being of particular ethnic group. Imagine if in NSW we treated Queenslanders this way etc ? The main factor is that all of these people are human beings and the way I understand the remembrance of our families sacrifices on ANZAC day is that we don’t treat human beings this way in Australia. We give people a fair go and these are people, these are human beings.

The point is, was all this sacrifice and death, brutality and bloodshed visited on our ancestors who went to fight for these freedoms, these ways of life we have here in this great country, was it all for some religious hypocrites to win an election then in their hypocrisy whip up a nationalism that is racist cruel lacking completely in intelligence, compassion or humanity and, condones now even murder ? Is that what these men and boys these heroes all gave their lives for ? I do not believe so.

Now onto the 2nd point the insessant insinuation by Joe Hockey, Tony Abbott, Kevin Andrews and their ilk that pensioners, the seniors, the elders of our country are becoming too much of a burden on our “economy” too much of a financial burden for our budget, we spend to much on the aged, for the LNP budget ? What’s the agenda here ? What are they getting at ?

Are they somehow attempting to say to us that hey we don’t need these old people. lets somehow get rid of them. how ? Deny them medical treatment in old age ? Is euthanasia as a means to an economic result more suited to this governments ridiculous obsession with a surplus result. This government has become obscene in their social innuendo in that they can even suggest anything like to us as a society, that our old, our seniors, our elders, our grandparents or parents are some kind of burden is and obscene suggestion and it does not sit well with me that they can suggest that in our society and get away with it it. The worse part of this scene is that it is presided over by a taxpayer assisted migrant who gained most in his life in Australia by the goodness and giving of sweat and labor of the seniors in our society even his free university education.

The eve of ANZAC day and Tony Abbot will do plenty of grandstanding in an attempt to gain some glory not earned in any way shape or form and what ? What would those that made the ultimate sacrifice think of this man ? I know my father if still here would knock him down, and, those others how would they feel  about his new regime and their attitude toward our elders, some veterans of war some just those who stayed behind due to other reasons, to young, to skilled for whatever reason these are still the people that participated in the building of this great country, those that have given of their families in war, fathers, brothers, uncles, given of their own sweat tears and sacrifices in the work place and in our society. Now they’re a burden ?

A frigging financial burden on our bottom line economically ? A bottom line I might add that many believe is manufactured, engineered by a treasurer whom we do not trust, a proven liar and a man who many believe has trouble counting at all and who’s assistant is now before ICAC with a memory disease so bad he is either a filthy rotten liar or so incompetent he should never have been on the public payroll.

So just who is the burden on the public bottom line ? Just who or what is the excessive cost on the budget ? These old people who worked their fingers to the bone all their good lives saving and paying tax to build this country it’s great public utilities and our lives to where we are now or these pseudo economists calling them the burden the economic drain on the budget ? Who or what is the budget burden ?

Seriously Australia have a good long look at this situation. We have a government with people that can take from the taxpayers then claim it was expenses for doing charity work ? Claim from the taxpayers for running in a sporting event ? Claim from the taxpayers for promoting a book for sale ? Oh wait got caught , it was a mistake I’ll pay it back. Are you seriously expecting that to never come back to the surface Mr Abbott ?  A group attending a wedding of a wealthy Indian Mining magnate and returning at our expense. Any of us would have gone to jail for the same type of behavior.

Parliamentary Entitlement in an age of the end of entitlement

Then there’s the man who believes he is owed a tens of thousands of dollars library courtesy of the taxpayers and a tens of thousands of dollars bookcase that will be in use only for all of a couple of months then a new one again because that older expensive one is to big to move to taxpayer provided new extravagant office. A PM who needs shiny new jet fleet to run around in and a new fleet of custom bulletproof BMW cars because there have been so many assassination attempts by sniper on Australian PM’s.

Now we are not at war as far as I know and we are not an aggressive nation and I hope we are not to become an aggressor in our region so there is a problem with the purchase of what is a dubious quality F35 “Joint Strike Fighter” “Strike” being the operative word seriously who are we going Joint Strike at ? Is this just a whim to appease the USA again ? Will they give us a smack on the hand if we are not ready to go and strike out at whoever they have an interest in striking next ? It’s a lemon with only just over 2000kl range a danger for Aussie pilots.


Budget emergency …. sounds great doesn’t it ? Will be a burden on us for years to come says the treasurer and of course it was inherited from the last government although the last government was applauded around the world by financial markets the world’s top economists on what a fantastic position they had Australia in economically and through a major financial tragedy for everyone else around the globe. Something doesn’t add up sir ? Is this the sort of charlatan shite our fallen went to war for ?


Now whilst we all know now through the consistent and annoying negative murmurings of Joe Hockey that we have a budget crisis and things are so bad they may have to dismantle medicare and sell of what Howard and Costello left of other money making public utilities to entities within the private sector who will buy them as long as they are subsidised by the taxpayers if they can’t run them well enough to make a profit. We’ve seen this wonderful Public private partnership in action recently in ICAC with AWH, Sydney Water Joe Hockey’s assistant treasurer Afur Sinodinos etc.


Meanwhile we have Gas prices about to rise and create some more hardship visited upon the taxpayers due to increased demand caused by the private enterprise our governments have given our resources over to free of charge, selling those very resources off overseas. Hang on ?

Aren’t these resources the property of all Australians ? Yes they are. But, the governments we elect and pay and keep in luxury appear to think we will all be better off if we give these resources to a handful of private companies to make billions of dollars profit from them selling them to other countries to build their industries and manufacturing while ours are dying off. Now that’s good economics isn’t it ? Imagine the tax we are going to earn from massive profits to put into public utilities and services like looking after our senior citizens and disabled our unemployed and those needing good education and training.

Great economics but wait a minute we don’t tax those, courtesy of creative accounting, companies, the handful of people making those thousands of billions of dollars from our resources no ? We actually give them great tax breaks, let them have our resources for nothing and in fact our governments  give those profiting companies big subsidies from our taxes for the fuel they use.

CSG companies fund political parties   Mining Tax a must

Fuel you know that same fuel we taxpayers have trouble keeping up with the price rises on. Budget emergency ? Economic hardship on the way but don’t be disturbed we’ll pay rent on a mansion for our PM who won’t actually use it and then we’ll pay the pay out to break the lease on that house and then we’ll pay for the massive renovations on the lodge, you know the other mansion that the PM doesn’t use and that has been renovated by the taxpayer how many times ?

So we have a country on the brink of something around the eve of ANZAC day and I’m absolutely certain it’s not something that those that gave their lives or whose live where ruined or whose families were bitten in half by war would be happy about.

The way I see it is that we have and have and had recently governments ALP and LNP that do not in any way shape or form govern this country for the people who have elected them and pay their very way. A parliament full of lawyers and ex union officials that have had a free university education but now charge us and our children for education a parliament that live an extravagant jet setting lifestyle, a parliament of people that are full of their own self importance so full of it that they have become totally uncaring and devoid of any empathy with their employers at all.

So on ANZAC day reflect on just what these brave souls gave their lives for, just what these heroes of our nation fought for and do we have that in our country within our society now or is it being slowly whittled away by these governments that we are paying to protect us ?

Think about our elders, our war heroes, our children’s education and futures, about how we as a nation now treat those in need those asking us for






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