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What have we got over the last decade people ? Is there any REAL difference between Labor and the LNP now ?

Many things have changed rapidly although little by little piece by piece our freedom is being whittled away, our very right to the fruits of our labor and that of our forefathers is being pissed up against the wall.

Progressive governments have chewed away like leaf worm everything we worked fought and hoped for through the decades of building this country. We need to rid our political landscape of these corrupt self interested parties that run our country like a shop for the foreign interests of globalisation. The foreign interest and corporations that kill micro economies while preaching us the wonders of macro economics and how that alone will keep us all profitable and safe in the comfort zone.

We must demand truth from our media let them we are not interested in the plutocratic garbage from certain media moguls and their corrupted ideological view on who’s right and who’s wrong in the latest mass killing spree, which blood stained soldier is the hero and which is the villain from their perspective. War is wrong, war is an incorrect approach to solving problems on a world scale and there can never be a winning side just pain suffering and bloodshed. These politicians don’t care, they care only for the economics of it, where is it safe to make a profit, where is the next step or place to build an oligarchic system to reap the rewards of peoples recovery. Push them down the hole and charge them to get out.

It’s beginning here in Australia have a good look at what’s happening from all sides of politics, Our very system, our very way of life is in the cocoon and if we drop the ball again it will emerge as a very destructive black moth indeed, one we will not enjoy in our carefully kept wardrobe of social day to day.

What’s going down under our very noses via the whats good for us line.

A considered will to destroy our forests for profit

The audacity of this Gov to tell us it’s OK to dump sludge on the Great Barrier Reef

The organised government push against the voters to allow rampant fracking and coal seam gas mining

Changing the laws on racial vilification

Vic Laws against any protest
Royal Commission to crucify Unions
Laws to stop criticism of Government
Qld Laws against association (nothing to do with bikies) Stops union protests
Secrecy on almost everything the government does now
No Lawyers or press permitted to enter Manus Island or Naru even after a brutal murder
Desire to control the education curriculum including “religious instruction”
Taking pitiful amounts from veterans orphans
Relaxing 457 work visas to allow more foreign “skilled” workers while closing down TAFFE colleges
Unprecedented sell offs of public utilities to mates in private enterprise
NSW deals with insurance companies no more cover on way to/From work
Public servant unable to comment on social media
Wide ranging police powers that don’t effect common criminals that attack the people
Militarisation of police
Our youth sent to illegal wars against sovereign nations at the whim of the USA without any consultation with the people
Do I need to go on with the list to show that clearly although we supposedly have a democratic country that is in fact become an Dictated Plutocratic Oligarchy the very worst scenario the people of any nation could possibly been placed in.


For me, I think the first step is to rid ourselves of lawyers and ex union officials from the political system, make political donations illegal and stop the corporates dictating to and for our policy makers. It’s time we the people took back the role of dictating to the policy makers, it’s time we the people regained control of OUR country of OUR resources, new residents old residents and future residents. Every Australian or person contributing to this country have the RIGHT to be free to have their view thrown into the pot to get a majority consensus about the way we go forward and to achieve that we need to have an end to this corrupt two party hold on power that appears to be governing for the corporates and not for us the people that pay them to do the job.

For instance, just my idea. Each election hold a plebiscite, a referendum on the important issues that effect us all over the next decades ie: should we sell off or privatise electricity generation and /or it’s distribution. Should we sell off Water supply and distribution.


Should we have mandatory sentencing for violent sexual crimes against children

Things that are important for the people that are the make up of the country  and it’s progress, these are just examples I’m no constitutional lawyer or anthropologist but I have ideas just like you do that could be a small part of the the start of a compilation of ideas for all us together to better our nation our politics and our whole social well being. Thought is the philosophers root to the end ideology and government should be the tools that puts it in place for the people’s best outcomes not the corporations.

As I mentioned before we have come to a cross roads in Australian politics where the predictive musings or George Orwell’s Animal Farm are becoming reality as I see it the Pigs have their snouts well an truly in the control of the trough and are preparing the old horses for sale to the slaughter house to make glue for them to get the other animals to sell at the front gate of the farm they have leased to some other entity.

Be afraid, be very afraid for the future of this country and it’s children.

Australia WAKE UP our children’s futures are on the line here all you bastards that dropped the frigging ball for a career, financial comfort or whatever, after your joyous hippy era time has come full circle three times over now.
Vietnam wasn’t the end it was the start we let them win, it’s time to pick pit up the ball and run again people.

Post writing this morning events prompt a small edit.

Seems ironic but as many if us know as I put fingers to keyboard this morning before leaving for work who would have known what today’s political dawn would bring for the NSW Liberal party.
Well, personally I’m certain that on Premier knew and despite the constant drone of “I don’t recall” from these supposed honourable people.
Not only has he misled ICAC he has misled the parliament but also the constituents that voted for him. These corruption scandals need to be stopped. Barry Ofarrell has broken the law in that he didn’t declare this gift with a value of $200 in his pecuniary interests and therefore dies not have the right to be being paid by the taxpayer and must lose all perks & privileges.
If it was you or I we would possibly be jailed in the least fired and fined. Same rules must apply even more so to those in high office expected to be honest and honourable to gain their salaries, pensions and perks from the taxpayers.
To add injury to insult our arrogant Prime Minister has the audacity to tell the public this was an inadvertent & innocent mistake and that he has great respect for the honour of said corrupt politician as he has done for Arthur Sinodinos and for a convicted pedophile priest friend.
It beggars belief that politics in this country has come to this and dies not bode well for the decades to come with this type of character emanating or should I say oozing from the man who holds the highest office in the Land.
Again I urge you WAKE UP AUSTRALIA.

As usual and like always the disclaimer here is that if you don’t agree with me then of course I concede you must be wrong, shoot do you think this is a democracy ?



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