Tracking Abbott’s Wrecking “APRIL UPDATE”

This is what’s needed to show your friends relatives and others when you’re telling them to please don’t vote for these incompetent fools again . They are truly destroying the very fabric of our way if life in Australia. Embarrassing us overseas on the international economics stage, making deals with despotic regimes to trade if human beings go their own political kudos and making Australians appear to sanction murder. Read it and weep..

The Australian Independent Media Network

Brick by brick

Sally McManus is the Secretary of the Australian Services Union in NSW and the ACT.

She has been a campaigner and an organiser for more than 20 years and spend a lot of time doing and talking about organising and campaigning. Her blog is a comprehensive list of policy and other decisions taken by the Abbott Government. I cannot vouch for the veracity of the entire list, nor do I necessarily agree with everyone (although I have no reason to doubt it) but I recommend it to those with an interest in how Tony Abbott intends changing Australia.

130. Begins dismantling GP Super clinics – 8 April 2014
129. Cuts 480 jobs from the Environment Department who are responsible for protecting places such as Kakadu, Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef – 7 April 2014
128. Forbids public servants from making political comments online, even anonymously, and instructs them to…

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