Racism, Bigotry No Place in an Australia built on Multicultralism

I am starting this piece due to the emerging race hate and white supremacy ideology that appears to be raising a rather large and ugly head in our country pre LNP government and post LNP government growth of the same. At best those that scream and crow the most are yet to understand we are living in a country stolen and given to us by thieves and pirates. We are in fact guilty of receiving stolen goods.

Please forgive me before you get started as I have used some generic racist derogatory terminology and although I have used it I in no way subscribe to the use of these terms in our society to denigrate other human beings of any flavour . They have been used only to show the levels of hate and racism some will stoop to to even in an offhand manner that is of course very wrong. Should you be offended by these terms in the context they are used in this piece please let me know via comments and will attempt to rectify the situation.


I see so many people on social networks quoting the now infamous, though in my opinion not too bright Pauline Hanson and on many occasions in relation to current LNP doctrine, policy and ideology.

I am seeing more and more derogatory comments regarding Asian, Islamic and in general coloured peoples everywhere I look, TV, Newspapers loaded with innuendo of illegality of immigrants etc. Especially in social media like Facebook and Twitter and it concerns me that the apparently good Australians that are perpetuating this racial ethno religious hatred, bitterness, xenophobia or whatever label you choose to use are in fact educated fools and we must be aware of the damage they can do to our country our real culture and society as a whole.

The catch cry being multiculturalism doesn’t work ? Well why doesn’t it work I ask ? Do you give it any chance ? Or is it, in fact working, for many but you have an aversion to it and “just don’t like it” because it involves humans that are different to you, different colours, different beliefs, different foods, different, just different, difficult for you to understand, difficult for you to accept, difficult for you to comprehend ?

I say that is because the education you had in Australia was floored and designed to give the point of view that would keep us all in the white only thought frame with real Aboriginal history ignored or completely hidden as was the contribution of the other races that came here and gave there blood sweat and toil. For many just that thought is culturally lost in the brain cell damage of continued over indulgence in alcohol, yeah that’s right beer o’clock syndrome.

Thats what I call it beer o’clock syndrome. We’re living in a society that has become very sick and dysfunctional because of media control on what we actually value as our social norm, what is actually our societies skills ? We socialise on mass around the barrel, at the pub (that’s ok it’s the extreme end that’s a problem) I ask is this all we are ? Every social occasion an excuse to get inebriated and then complain, criticise develop a hate about those… those… those “others”. I use this example because it’s the place and situational people I hear it most from. I don’t for one minute believe every Australian who likes a beer is this dynamic.

ut this very dynamic is what leaves me feeling we are become just a hive of worker bees for the corporates and politicians to weave us like raffia into whatever is best for their profit and dull us into voluntary submission by the opiates they socialise and control us with ie. Alcohol/drug abuse and religion, gambling and mass media almost like cattle at the feed lot awaiting execution bleating and whaling protest of anything we don’t understand in fear of losing what the establishment has already stripped from us anyway FFS wake up.

Let me do a little history course for you here on just exactly how Australia was built to what we have now owe the backs, blood, sweat and tears of different peoples, Asian, Black, Aboriginal and surprise surprise Afghani muslim people. That’s right what you have now, how you live now has one of the most multicultural foundations of probably any country on the, need I say, multicultural planet we live on together. Time to wake up.

From the 1860s, ‘Afghans’, Indians and Pacific Islanders were recruited to work in northern outback and rural Australia. ‘Afghans’ came from India, as well as Iran, Egypt and Turkey as cameleers to operate camel trains throughout outback Australia, regarded as ‘pioneers of the inland‘. They were loosely referred to as ‘Afghans’ largely because of their similar dress and common religious beliefs in Islam.

About 4000 Indians worked in the sugar and banana industries in Queensland in addition to the 6000 Pacific Islanders, referred to as ‘Kanakas’, who worked as contract labourers.


From: Australian Gov/ About Australia

Lets have a look at what first got wealth happening in Australia, it was gold and during the gold rush years we got our first rumblings of unions and and workers standing up against conservative powers that wish to control everything for their own benefit on the backs and sweat of others.

The exciting prospect of gold enticed the masses to immigrate from all around the world, including a number of British, Americans, Italians, French and Germans. The majority of immigrants in search of gold, however, came from China. Between 1852 and 1889, around 40 000 Chinese people came to Australia. The vast majority of these Chinese miners were men. They came to work for foreign businessmen who had paid their passage into the country. Once their debt was paid, around 36 000 of them returned home.

Taken from Swirk Interactive schooling Economics


Who where the mainstay of the gold industry oh that’s right the Chinese, culturally different, looked different, lived differently, ate differently did almost everything to the predominantly white caucasian races of Australia at the time.  So we have multicultural Australia being the base foundation of our country’s growth and wealth the Chinese peoples and they most likely put up with more hatred and bigotry than any of us could imagine and it’s highly likely also left some genealogy behind than we as a white caucasian society care to think about, one of my white arsed irish ancestored relatives has a blur birthmark common to only asian genealogy so ya better check your blood people. Many of us may have distant relatives among those first Chinese workers who helped build this country.


Oh here we go in Pauline Rancid’s own territory, Queensland foundations built on sugar and the backs of the brown minority Islander peoples, well ya just wouldn’t dream about it would you. This industry still one of the mainstays of the Queensland economy and the whole Australian food industry up to and including the monopolising food and grocery chains, yes you know who they are and might I add. Oh and lets not forget the greatest State of Origin rugby league side ever to lace on footy boots and drink a XXXX yes majority I would be brave enough to say men of the brown variety and quite a few not mainland Australian born so that argument you’re about to put forward sinks. But, hang on ya say they’re our footy stars and that’s different man.

Brought to Australia with the First Fleet in 1788, sugarcane plantations were established in the 1860s when the industry began to enjoy rapid expansion. Most initial sugarcane plantations were privately owned so their owners could not afford the cost of Australian wages without compromising their prices on the international market.

To solve the problem, between 1863 and 1904, around 62 000 Pacific Islanders migrated to Queensland to work on the sugarcane plantations. Mostly from Vanuatu and the Solomons, the Pacific Islanders were also derogatively known as ‘Kanakas.’

Taken from Swirk Interactive schooling Economics

Then, we have the “wogs” yes that’s what I said “wogs” the wonderful terminology that some Australians gave to the wonderful Greek and Italian peoples that basically introduced us to market gardening, built most of our family homes and brought us architecture we may never have seen let alone called our own. Mind you I’m still very pissed off about the red texture brick although I don’t think that was entirely their doing. Now for those haters of multiculturalism I’ll bet you love Pizza and scoff down copious amounts of it with your Friday night football beers watching those brown gentlemen from parts afar play the game just as good if not better than the white arse pommies eh ?

Then there is the Japanese they to had a great deal to do with teaching and working building rich industries in Australia and our own economic immigrant Prime Minister Tony Abbott is now actually in Japan attempting to do some deals for Australia because we still need the rest of the world to survive in a global economy.

The isolation of Broome and the high risks associated with deep sea diving meant that finding willing and experienced divers in the colony was not a simple task. As a result, a number of Japanese divers came to Broome to work as indentured labourers in the pearl diving industry. Highly productive and hard-working, they proved so valuable to the industry that they were exempt from the immigration restrictions of the early 1900s.


Despite their expertise, the Japanese divers faced resentment from the public, particularly during the 1890s Depression when there was wide scale unemployment. White-Australians increasingly feared that the Japanese would take all the available jobs. Their fears were heightened after the British government signed a treaty in 1894 with Japan, allowing them to settle in the colonies.

Taken from Swirk Interactive schooling Economics


Needless to say those who crow and cry, scream into the MSM news and the social media like creaming banshees  about the shit end of multiculturalism and Blacks, Bungs, Coons, Lebos, Wogs (still), Arabs , Gooks, Yellow bastards among other desperate cries for your own recognition as a human of worth.  I can just about guarantee you have all at some time or other had one as a friend, been helped by one, eaten their food with joy and enjoyment, gawked at their women or men, watched them play sport revelling in the Aussie pride of a great win.

The thing is many are just plain jealous of the determination people from places of poverty and life long struggle have and the rersults they get when placed in the same position of opportunity you have squandered. Yet they do the same struggle as most of the detractors, they have mortgages, two jobs, kids at school and they still go on and do better than you because they don’t blame others or whinge and whine about there lack of funds to their children when they need something extra because maybe they don’t hit the bar straight after work on payday, get so pissed they lose control and beat the shit out of their wives and children in drunken rages, lose all their money at the TAB  or Pokies. But hey they do ! but still the majority succeed where many white caucasian Australians do not.

They speak different, different languages and it’s offensive ? Do Australians who work and/or live in other countries still speak Australian English ? When an Australian learns another language it’s regard generally as a good thing and in fact most parents want their children to learn anther language in school and would be pretty pissed if there was not that availability in the curriculum yes ?

So, just to get things in perspective know that I have a mixed marriage and yes there are many conflict regarding culture and religion, but, we work through those like reasonable adult human beings and it works. My kids are black or brown however you call it and sometimes cop crap but they succeed and they are Australian with first fleet roots. Me I’m a white arse convict stock Aussie my folks were brought here in similar to slave ships and so I hold no royalist empathy at all and I am a leftist republican.


I’m left because thats what most who care about equality, the environment we will leave for our children, threats of nuclear wars or poising of the planet via nuclear energy, pollution, the forests, etc are labeled as Lefties.

But I say to you in Australia reaping the rewards of living in the “Lucky Country” no matter what your roots, convict stock, South African Boer, British, European whatever get over your petty hatreds and judgments against those that are different because in this world you are the minority and a fading minority who aught to just have a  good long look at your history the history of this very country you are attempting to claim exclusive right to and maybe go and have a blood test and check to make sure YOU don’t have some Asian, Greek, African genealogical past . After all we wouldn’t want to be the pot poking fun at the kettle now would we.


Just a little research( few websites + one hour) into our history can easily tell us that we are and have always been a multicultural society and country and that our very way of life was built on a foundation of multiculturalism so really if you don’t like it maybe you should move ! It isn’t going to change and the world is getting smaller and more co-operative so you’re going to lose out big time unless you move to one of those places in the US where the KKK will welcome you with open arms or maybe Putin’s Russia may suit you better or North Korea where there is a very similar ideology either that or open your mind and hearts to being a human being among many of differing flavours or See ya !

Here are some imported and/or mixed race Australians you may be grateful to have a board, may have cheered for, been entertained by or even admire, some, still around and others gone and some many Australians have a great deal of respect and are even indebted to.

BTW I’m very cranky and will look at this later for grammar and spelling, gotta give it a break for now.

Victor Chang, gone and yet saved so many Australian lives.

Here’s a little list for you from: Wiki Pages

Sources of information history and photos.

Swirk Interactive schooling Economics

 Chinese Contributions in Australia

Migrants and Class in Postwar Australia

University of Wollongong research online

Migrant Heritage NSW Gov

Australian Government

Australian Government Camel men


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