The characteristics of Fascism and how we might note its presence today

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So frightening to see these steps or ideological views creeping onto the politics of our country, more frightening to see them creeping into our society via the overly monopolised media content we watch,read and listen to.
Many points here are actual now in our country and society. The treatment of asylum seekers and the ignoring of their plight, conditions and even murder. The imprisonment of children, pregnant women. Almost hate promotion via some media against some groups, the turning of every day Australians against the views of other Australians in an aggressive and diversionary way as to create massive divide in society.

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Now we see also with this latest government a media and political campaign against unionism, the poor, the weak and frail. Increased spending on military and watering down of laws that protect racial groups and individuals of minorities from persecution

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We are witnessing a government further into the bed of big business than the last ignoring educational needs of our young and increasing the military like ability of police agencies to take punitive measures against those less educated and those who peacefully protest what they see as injustice against our society as a whole.

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We see a media that can brush off or ignore with jest a protest of over 120,000 people, (March in March 2014) state and federal governments willing to destroy our environment, our food sources, our water table and environmental treasures for the sake of large mining and fossil fuel companies that give absolutely nothing back to the people who own these resources.

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Companies that may or may not hold the promise of more power for government or lean meat jobs for thee politicians upon retirement from politics along withe massive donations to their particular parties.
Australia we need to wake up and educate those that are blinded by the mass media campaigns designed to numb society into easy rapid mindset change for the benefit of those that wish to rule instead of govern and coordinate our country’s destiny and health.
All the signs mentioned in this article are there slowly but surly being drip fed into our social fabric and we need to nip it in the bud fast so as to stop the rotting decay it brings.


Orwell was a fiction writer but these people use his work as a text book and clearly we have Animal Farm happening live in our own backyard right here right now.

The Australian Independent Media Network

fdr-on-fascism Is fascism creeping into Australia?

There are clearly no Fascist regimes in Australia, or any regime with even the slightest of Fascist agendas. We’re a luckier country than that.

Broadly speaking, Fascism is:

A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

This clearly does not exist in Australia.

But as this guest post by Paul Cannon disturbingly points out, the ‘rhetoric and behaviour’ of the current federal government (and state governments) could easily have us believe otherwise.

Does it matter if democracy shifts to the right? That depends on where you stand politically. But if the shift is extreme then I think it is of grave concern. And what concerns me even more is the tendency to ignore the shift.

If you don’t look closely you…

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