Will the real Arfur stand up

It would appear that those calling Arthur “Arfur” have it all wrong and Arfur is in fact Terry the real Arfur’s scapegoat his little doer, his universal tool his swiss knife and that the real Arfur


would be commfortable back in the lockup smokin’ a cuban or at ome’ wiv er’ indoors Yes Arfur Hockey


Well now what do we have here ? Well we have a person who is on the public payroll as Assistant Treasurer no less of this country who whilst I believe under oath claims under questioning at ICAC that he has a severely impaired memory, or so it would apprear.

Mr Sinodinos, whilst a company director or chairman of the AWH of OBeid and Tripodi corruption scandals now being investigated by ICAC, claims that, while on the board earning $200k a year indirectly from the taxpayers of NSW (depending on what story you subscribe to) for just a few hours work and also at the time treasurer no less of the Liberal party doesn’t recall payments as donations to to said Liberal party of somewhere between $40k and $75k, not a paltry sum, well not to ordinary wage earners and certainly I’m sure not a sum that would get through a board meeting without some consideration and certainly not an amount the treasurer of any body would not notice as a generous donation indeed. So He cant recall, he doesn’t remember hard to believe even though not incriminating to make such a donation or in any way a drama for him in this situation at ICAC he still cant recall.

Impaired memory indeed it seems is not limited to this issue but also to a meeting with another person who warned him off being involved in AWH because of corruption doubts she had regarding the people involved ie: the Obeids one of which worked for the company and of course the Obeids are alleged to have lent money to the company as well but poor man didn’t know, didn’t recall any of this though earning a fair sum of money to play major part of running the company, oh yes as well as being the treasurer of the Liberal Party at the same time.

Very busy man and although with this apparently greatly impaired memory he couldn’t remember enough to answer any of these questions but, he could of course remember that the wage/salary was fair because of specific travel involved in meetings, coffees etc with shareholders and other parties.

Oh dear, this all strikes me, as a bystander, a bit of fiasco really. Either this man is a filthy corrupt liar imbedded with the Obeids and Tripodis coal mines and AWH corruption or he is a simpleton, a complete fool with memory impaired enough to put him on an invalid pension bt , a nincompoop, a completely incompetant idiot that you wouyldn’t employ to wash your car for five bucks but wait,  no, he is now on the public payroll, earning a nice little quid from the taxpayer with all other sorts of rorts and expenses thrown in and as the assistant treasurer to Joe Hockey no less again it beggars belief really.

After todays efforts at ICAC one wonders now about the state of our economy as well, about the honesty and memory of the treasurer’s assistant and indeed the same may be said regarding the treasurer himself now.

Just what true ? Just what are the figures to show us ?


OH that’s right the treasurer is somewhat reluctant to reveal them isn’t he ? Especially now that it has become clear he has deceived us regarding NDIS funding. Oh yes indeedy and GONSKI reforms as well.


Photo courtesy of demise-of-tony-abbottb

Oh, hang on does that mean the laughably honourable minister for education has been deceiving us as well regarding funding matches for GONSKI reforms, He hadn’t read the GONSKI report as far as I know so how could he match anything in there ? I do believe that is what the LNP went to the election with isn’t it along with Stop the something or other and adult something and respect something , oh I don’t know, I’m sorry I don’t recall very much of that, no. I don’t remember ?

Anyway what or who are we left with to deal with the complexities of our economy with Joe Hockey now undoubtedly wringing his hands together in anguish, sweating up a temper tantrum he can’t let out because Tony is wasting all his good elentynomics dollars on a search and rescue that, well, in my opinion, is a wild goose chase and just a grandstanding opportunity for Abbott. Who has he got that can count, remember what he’s counted and somehow make it look like a balanced responsible budget for our future ?


Well, Mathias of course he’s pretty good at sounding off in the press but can he count ? Some would argue that he can but many would say ney and that he is also a fudger who will, in the end forget or not recall saying that or costing this ….. we shall see good people we shall see but whatever happens it does not bode well for our economy , assuredly not for workers and their families and the country, well it appears to be going down the drain on all levels under this government.

Read so more on how Arfur didn’t recall how much he stood to make out of AWH dealings Here 
And even more coming to the surface of this very murky river of memory loss.
A deep murky river of town water


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