The truth about the mining tax

My view is tax the mining companies 50% and put a halt to their creative accounting techniques as well as stop the subsidies to them. They won’t stop making their billions in profit nor will they stop mining they will just have to share what they make from our resources with the country.

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It has become increasingly apparent that the onus is on citizen bloggers to inform the Australian public of the truth. We certainly can’t rely on our politicians who are too busy misrepresenting the facts to make the other guy look bad.   And we can’t rely on our mainstream media who, in many cases, are under editorial instruction to present a certain view.

Today I would like to discuss that “anti-Western Australia” mining tax and put paid to some of the lies being repeated over and over from the Coalition script du jour. I wonder if they realise how annoying it is to listen to them repeat the same trite phrases regardless of who is being interviewed. This, to me, indicates that they either do not have a handle on the subject matter (I’m looking at you Tony) or that they are deliberately obfuscating the issue with whatever spin the advertising…

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One thought on “The truth about the mining tax

  1. I may be interested in that but if you’re advertising services no my site is opinion only and not for advertising or spamming. I see you’re an accountant maybe you would like to check Austrlian political budgets and give an accountants view on that.


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