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Please have a good look at this account here

And now some good person has compiled just some of the actions of this pseudo PM for us to have a little glimpse into the true character of the man. As I have always expected to happen when this type of compilation appeared it does not paint a pretty picture at all and certainly not that of a man I am comfortable with as the Prime Minister of my country.

Still not covered are the blatant and very petty rortings of the ministerial allowances and expenses over the last few years and maybe the hidden costs of years before that we don’t know about.

Abbott :”The great thing about Pollie Pedal is it takes me to towns, communities, sometimes hamlets that rarely see a politician.”

So very gracious of Lord Abbott Sir Pository of The Order of Budgie Smugglers to grace those small hamlets of serfdom with his most precious presence don’t you think ?


Exposed as a rorter but not punished or prosecuted because he “paid the money back” or sees it as a “legitimate expense claim” Mmm beggars belief that so many thieves and embezzlers are still in jail even though they “paid the money back” needless to say this type of rorting of taxpayer funds is disturbing even more so from one now in the highest office of the country but what I find absolutely disgusting is the claiming of expenses while promoting ones self as a charity worker, getting paid for self promotion grandstanding as one of charitable nature.

AN Abbott government minister believes the row over taxpayer-funded travel expenses lacks perspective, saying it pales into insignificance beside the prime minister’s important diplomatic work.

So we see the true nature of the man who we see rides high standing beside those who attain glory in war grieving their lost companions never to return to feed clothe and nurture the children. He with the position and power to assist those now fatherless children, war orphans whose fathers were lost all for country, for country’s ideals.

Ride on their glory grandstand on their heroism and give commentary on their sacrifice as “shit happens” then cut the funding to their children in their absence. Yes this is the character of our present Prime Minister of Australia


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Proverbially, There Is Fire!

A naughty biography of Tony Abbott’s Life

or is it

A biography of Tony Abbott’s Naughty Life?

Tony Abbott has come under much closer scrutiny over the past week. There have been many reports of his actions and alleged actions over the past four decades. Each one, individually, has received a contemptuous flick from the Leader of the Opposition and his supporter.

Perhaps it is time to look at them in totality. After all,Tony Abbott says it is “perfectly reasonable” for the media to probe a politician’s past to assess their fitness for office. 

We all know how to treat Tony Abbott’s public comments on any subject because he told us.

Remember this when you hear his statements on these matters.

What follows is not encyclopaedic

and so

I shall make additions as I find (or am told about) them


Destroying a Glass Door…

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