Stand By Your Man – Corruption, the plague on both Parties

Yes as I have expected to see and as I have professed all along ALP and LNP all mixed up in the same dirty washing basket. When will Australia free itself from this mockery of the word democracy and this pathetic two party system that pretends to represent the voting public ? When will we rid ourselves of this farce that portrays itself as choice ? Not while ever we allow career politicians to make the rules that’s when. Our system must change, career politicians must be eradicated from our political landscape. Two terms maximum would be a start, cutting back of the end of career perks would also help as would jail terms for corrupt politicians, yes there are many things that need to be changed but who will change these things when it is the problems we have making the rules. Wake up Australia.


The word on everybody’s lips at the moment is corruption.

The corruption scandal involving the likes of Eddie Obeid, Joe Tripodi, Tony Kelly, and Ian MacDonald was an anchor wrapped around the ankles of the NSW Labor Party during the last state election campaign, and it also helped pull down the last Federal Election campaign under its enormous weight.

The Labor Party was punished for the wrongdoings of a few, and rightly so as well.

Now it seems that the concrete shoe is on the other foot with the Liberal Party suddenly on the defensive with allegations of corruption coming left, right and centre.

I have spoken to several Coalition supporters who point out that there are differences between the corruption allegations against those in the Labor party and those in the Liberal Party, and this is true.

The dollar figures involved in allegations concerning former members of the Labor…

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