Bishop gets through call for vote of no confidence

See the ABC report here

Bishop gets through call for vote of no confidence

You just can’t dream this stuff up

Since 49

You just can dream this stuff up although it would appear the government can after yesterdays waste in debating removing the hyphen from e-mail, never ever knew there was one never used one, and then some antiquated legislation from the early 1900’s regarding handing over your bullock and donkeys to the military if needed.

Today another drama filled question time with the opposition calling for a vote of no confidence in the speaker of the house for the first time since 1949 and I might add well overdue.

Not a Labor supporter nor Liberal Coalition and though I admit I would prefer Labor to LNP I watch question time fairly impartially and I cannot say I see this speaker as impartial in fact I think she has been opposite and is not only destroying our westminster system of government she is making a mockery of the parliamentary standing orders as well.


The government on the other hand although I’m sure not blind to this still managed to heap praise on the speaker and Christopher Pyne insinuating a misogynist approach from the opposition toward the speaker with Tony Abbott calling it “a juvenile stunt”. Ah  the new adult government pot kettle methinks.

Absolutely stunning and comedic is how I would describe our country’s parliament these days and I wonder what is going to result from it all other than the dismantling of all previous social programs and the sale of whatever profiting assets the taxpayer still own.

We shall see I suppose when they sit again in 6 or so weeks but don’t be distracted there is still the “Arfur”  I didn’t know Sinodinos affair to be worked through and of course we now see the LNP mixed up with the old ALP mafia in NSW so watch this space anything can happen.



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