Wendy Bacon reveals some home truths

Now to add insult to injury for taxpayers, the actual employers of these political players I read Wendy Bacon’s blog to find all these other, what I consider very suspect at the least, meetings and goings on, quitting government to work for corporates etc and not restricted to the one party either with Sinodinos and other LNP persons state and federal now being closely linked with Eddy Obeid through AWH deals and rorts in ICAC inquiries with the ever popular cry now made famous by Alexander Downer, of I don’t recall echoing through the hals on a daily basis it would seem. Very forgetful people to be working for the taxpayers as managers of the country wouldn’t you say ?

images-1   Who  me ?

Now while I do see Labor as an alternative to this LNP government we have at the moment I in no way support them for they are, in my opinion,  just as loaded with corruption as i believe the LNP is and not very opposed to the LNP ideology or policy makers at the moment for I believe the Labor party has lost it’s umbilical connection to it’s base ethos, but, thats another story. This is a major problem and frustrating dilemma for NSW and Federal voters. Just how can we eliminate some of this corruption, double standards and downright dirty dealing. Get rid of the stuff of conspiracy movies and novels from the reality of our countries politics or at least cut it back to a minimum the rorting and and snout in the trough attitude these employees seem to think is quite ok if not an entitlement.

Well, the way I see it is that for a start we must rid ourselves of the career politicians in some way. Maybe create a maximum two terms for any of them and cut back, way back, on the after service perks and rorts especially for Prime Ministers , like the lifetime cars with drivers, the free flights the lifetime of riding on the working class taxpayers backs and, might I add, without any form of means testing whatsoever. Bring it all more back in line with what the taxpaying public get from years of service for their retirement. In doing this we may eliminate not only some of the ballooning government burden on the countries budget but some of the lust for power and greed from our political landscape, well anyway I think it would be a good start. ON a more comedic though serious level limiting the amount of lawyers permitted in each parliament as well. I digress.

images-2  There is a crisis in NSW

The article Wendy has written is eye opening and reveals some of what the public Joe Blow never sees or hears of, the readers of the Daily Terror, the addicted and non addicted MSM news viewers, the don’t talk about politics school among many others. I am so very happy there are some out there with the time and energy to research and skills to make public this information which is of course an important and vital service to those us who want to know. This should be a more common and widespread form of real journalism after all journalists are supposed to inform us about what we can’t see or are not privy to in everyday life whist busy at the machine grinding out our daily bread in our attempt at winning for our own families.

images-3   Barangaroo Makes me ask questions?

Wendy’s article is but a small tip of the iceberg but shows just what goes on to attain public land, government contracts, deals for the corporations, water deals that end up including perks and costs for people not working for the taxpayer in any way shape or form but just leaching of the public purse snouts in the trough you might say.

Anyway have a read and form your own opinion and think about the proposition of getting this duopoly of the two party system full of career politicians and businessmen cleared out of our political governance so as to improve the service to us, the people paying them.

Read Wendy’s article here on Sinodinos, Packer & O’farrell and see just who is on Team Packer at New Matilda’s site


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