Manus Island Human Rights lock out

Manus Island Human Rights lock out

More surprises surround Abbott as he changes our international reputation

Here we go Abbott it would appear has been sent to PNG to run some interference for Morrison and Bishop. It would seem that Julie Bishop and or Craig Morrison are not influential enough or do not have enough clout with the Papuan parliament to go there and do their own dirty work and I say their dirty work because rally the buck stops with those two at Manus Island and what goes on there including the murder of Reza Berati and the brutal attacks on other residents.

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“The Abbott government was consulted and strongly backed the decision of the Papua New Guinea government to shut down a human rights inquiry into the Manus Island detention centre, Fairfax Media has been told.

PNG’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Rimbink Pato, has also confirmed that the two governments would move to deny access of a human rights lawyer to the centre on Monday.

“It’s a joint effort.”

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So a murder, several severe beatings whilst people are under the supposed protection of the Australian government. People seeking refuge, asylum, help from our country most likely because of our previous reputation for giving everyone a “Fair Go” well, thats all gone now under this government which is changing our national persona to almost a complete opposite. Abbott visits and any inquiry is shut down ? This cannot end well for LNP involved as the truth will eventually be revealed over this.


I personally find it very very smelly that Tony Abbott makes a record amount of time visit to PNG and then suddenly it is announced that the PNG government will close down this inquiry in to Human Rights abuses on Manus Island. There has been a murder there !


Make up your own mind but to me this is as fishy as Glebe Fish Markets and even smellier.

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