Sinodinos through to O’farrell

Sinodinos through to O’farrell

In my opinion this story is very concerning for NSW taxpayers considering the amount of “tendered” deals like Beranguroo and talk of privatisation of so  many public utilities etc. It seems this tender process and privatisation of public utilities and property can be very profitable for politicians, their friends or families I can see why they push so hard for it under the guise of course of “productivity” improvements.  Just creates so many doubts about all these deals in my mind !


After the corrupt years of Labor that the LNP have harped on about for so long it would seem many if not all are climbing around in the limbs of the Obeid money tree all the way through to Federal LNP with Arthur Sinodinos who has now had to stand down due to ICAC inquiries into AWH in which it seems many LNP are in some way entwined in although and as usual there is the far to often heard catch cry that Downer made famous of, I don’t recall, I don’t remember echoing through the halls of ICAC and the Murdoch press.

We shall see, in the end it will all come out though the Australian taxpayers may have funded this mob to the value of twenty football teams in the premier league before it does, but, it will come out eventually and then those that need to be will be punished and shamed.

Read some about it !



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