MSM Brutal Bullies

Just a small note today,

Someone close yesterday lost a 4 month old baby brother and needless to say was completely devastated as were we all by this tragedy.

You may well have seen the story on the MSM news feeds regarding the balcony fall on the Central Coast and well there is another story behind this and that is of the brutal and cruel lack of empathy these MSM reporters, I will not call them journalists, have when getting their reports in these tragic situations.

These people couldn’t cover March in March something of major importance to tens of thousands of Australians, all who marched and many who couldn’t as well as the nation but they can scramble to a families home while they are in deep depression, sadness and mourning still involved in the incident and remedying the situation as best they can. Pathetic is all I can say about these vultures and vultures they are.

When I dropped this young man at the  home after he told me what had occurred, I left immediately as ambulance and paramedics were in control of the accident scene and the family no doubt terribly distraught. I had no need to be another extra getting in the way or watching their terror and grief.

Later when assisting the young person and dropping off some of his belongings I discovered that he almost had to fight in the driveway with these vultures to stop them entering the property and the home and in fact attempting to photograph inside the ambulance whilst he still in shock in tears of terrible emotional pain at the loss if his young brother and his mother with a fractured spine,

I  find these reporters despicable and absolutely out of order the way they prey on and bully families in these distressful and tragic circumstances but they dare not show footage of these families trying to keep them out of their property or stop them interfering with paramedics etc whilst attempting to comfort or save lives.

 I give these reporters and our current MSM no credibility at  all and in fact believe they are useless to us the way they are performing at the moment. 


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