March In March at Gosford



And so begins the struggle of ordinary citizens against the loss of freedoms, quality honest education for their children and our countries future, the struggle against the mass destruction of all our fantastic social programs that make this country unique and one of the best to live or settle in throughout the world. The struggle for social justice and citizen equity, for honest non rorting government officials, for politicians that are not career and economically motivated but motivated by their desire to see a better and more equitable community and world.


It begins as it did back when we didn’t want war, when all we wanted was a peaceful world, a  good world with the resources shared between all with the needy frail and burdened taken care off, when we dreamed of the utopian society we imagined could be. Somewhere on the way to work, buying a home looking after the kids and balancing two working parents , family and work, we lost our way but never lost the dream and now it is re-emerging although I personally am not very pleased with what it’s taken to open our eyes again.


One dead, murdered by our government that is fast becoming seen as a fascist government with many ulterior motive for every move they make. Frightening their fear of information and so much so is their fear and feeble grasp on power they are now in bed with the information gatekeepers like witches over a large scalding black pot attempting to stop dissemination of all open and free  information, education even the technology of our times the internet they wish to control . Of course they do not want us to have an NBN that would give everyone to much access to all the information and education they desired wouldn’t it ?


A thing that I found very inspiring and gave me great heart today for my children’s future was the amount of young people at today’s march but in saying that the participants were of many and varied flavours. There were gay people, small people, blind people, religious people, atheists, environmentalists, tradesmen altogether to many flavours of human being to mention but all with the same aim. To STOP Tony Abbott and his rampant revenge and ego driven destruction of all our wonderful social programs, our industries, jobs, penalty rates, medicare, education and access to information, not to mention cruelty, inhumane treatment and imprisonment of women and children. The brutal brutal murder in our name. Stop him shaming our country, STOP him and his corporate cronies destroying our environment our good name as a nation.



If you see your photo there and do not wish it to be public let me know and I will remove it.



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