Forgotten Bird Of Paradise (Full Version) Under cover in West Papua

Please take the time to view this and it may help you to decide to help stop the slaughter and genocide of these simple indigenous peoples.

This is important to Australia  these peoples are our oldest allies in the pacific we must not forget our old allies, how they gave their lives during the Papua and Kakoda campaigns for Australian sons. We must not  allow them to be treated like this for the profit of corrupt government officials and rich Australian mining companies.


This is being done by a police and military force basically under contract to these mining companies and I urge all Australians especially those who had relatives involved in WWII, Kakoda or Papua to remember how great these heroic peoples were for our uncles, fathers, sons and brothers as they fought and were wounded and saved by these wonderful peoples just trying to live their simple lives without causing suffering to others or damage to their environment.

Contact your MP and protest how our government ignores their plight and genocide.

Sign the petition to the President of Indonesia HERE


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