Nicola Roxon calling it like it is: Tony Abbott is leading a lynch mob

Paul gets it right a lot of the time and this is one of those times

Turn Left 2013

Paul Bongiorno, a reporter for Channel 10, yesterday gave us Nicola Roxon’s response to what is happening with the Peter Slipper allegations:

text of image: @PaulBongiorno Nicola Roxon says Tony Abbott is leading a lynch mob not the Liberal party.

The demands from Tony Abbott to bring on the election when he has neither policies or costings, show the true reason for the attacks on Peter Slipper.

This is about bringing down the democratically elected government, and Slipper is collateral damage.

Expect the attacks, the nastiness, the spite to get more vicious, and ramped up as the weeks go on, because this current Opposition are so desperate for an election, they won’t stop until they get one.

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