Bad iOS 7.0.6 Battery Life. What You Can Do To Fix It.

5 simple steps to take to save battery life.

If you are not going to be in a position to recharge during the cycle these steps may help you keep enough battery life to make that all important call you really need when it starts raining on the journey home in the train or bus or it may just be enough to get him/her to wait at the restaurant when you’re running late. Hope this is helpful for you.Image

1. Keep auto brightness turned off and light at 50% or less. (Settings/ Wallpaper & Brightness)

2. Uncheck all searches in Spotlight search virtually turns spotlight search off. (Settings/General/Spotlight Search

3. Turn of Push & Fetch for all mail accounts set to manual. (Settings/Mail/Contacts/Calendars)

4. Turn off Background App refresh. (Settings/General/Background App Refresh

5. Turn of WiFI and Bluetooth when not in uses. (Settings or Swipe up Control Center much quicker)

These steps give me a full 8-9 hours of almost constant 3G/4G usage when out and about and a couple of days with just general usage at home.

Also helps to use WiFI whenever possible rather than 3G/4G and to reboot your iPhone once a week, not for the battery itself it has no memory, but to reset ongoing & background processes that may be utilising more power than they should

My son has found that turning off 3G/4G while not downloading data has saved him around 10% extra battery life.

We also must consider that this is a computer/ a laptop if you like and if you use it as such you will get laptop like battery usage, if only using as a phone then why have all the boxes and dices turned on ? Simple “Phone” use will see much more battery life.

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One thought on “Bad iOS 7.0.6 Battery Life. What You Can Do To Fix It.

  1. Now just as an add on I use these tips to save battery and have had my phone off charge from 7am to now 7 pm WiFi on used it to check twitter couple of emails and a few other things and it’s still sitting on 98% battery balance. These methods do save battery.


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