A cranky rant

Read if you will it’s a rant.

So, let me get this right.

Billionaire miners making billions in profits get subsidised by Australian working taxpayers to the tune of around $17 Bil a year

Holden or Toyota are not good enough for comm cars expensive “Bullet Proof” BMW’s it has to be. ( because we’ve had so many political assassinations in Australia )

Politicians can spend ten’s of thousands of Taxpayer funds on personal libraries and bookcases

Plane not good enough for PM has to buy a new one or two but staff must not serve baked beans at anytime, must have scones with jam and cream before 4pm on board special drink requirements Drambrurie a must. (still can’t get my head around taxpayer funded alcohol, is that a requirement for governing ?

All expenses paid trips to weddings even overseas (see billionaire miners above) and at mates places.

Taxpayer funded Iron Man events and “Charity Work” along with book promotions.

Now this one gets me, a cheap imported PM along with several imported ministers spend billions of taxpayer funds to support a brutal concentration camp like place in another country to allow people fleeing brutality to be brutalised for wanting to come to Australia to live just like the cheap imported PM’s Father did to escape fighting against brutal totalitarian regimes wanting to brutalise the poor, weak and racially different

Actually refer to themselves at times as a “Regime” and yet their party lied to us to send young Australians into a totally illegal war, lied to us about children being thrown overboard whilst escaping that very war, on the side did some deals on wheat and weapons with the dictator they sent our young into war against oh and don’t forget dear old Peter Reith and the thousands in phone card costs the taxpayer paid out for his son while this other fiasco was being played out. Still not paid back BTW or so I am led to believe.

Meanwhile Alexander Downer and Bernie Fraser allegedly, according to a source that worked there, living it up on taxpayer funds at a cosy restaurant in The Rocks regularly feasting & entertaining some lovely young asian boys while young Aussies were being shot at in stinking trenches and ally ways in Iraq.

Yes these are the people that organise for you to pay a Medicare levy on top of your taxation wether you go to the doctor or not each year, these are the people that lied to you about the way they organise for good businesses to close down because the hard working class families organise a union to retain penalty rates for giving up family time working weekends and unhealthy hours through the night, These are the people thet say “Shit Happens” when Aussies die in the lie they perpetrated for their war, not our, their war.

A treasurer mind you you neglects to or forgets to disclose his wife’s business interests, a treasurer who hounded a sitting government about national debt and then when elected borrowed hundreds of millions daily so much that we had to have our debt ceiling raised by hundreds of billions in the first few months his fat arse was in the new leather seat.

These are the people who have more superannuation than you or I could spend in a lifetime the people that the taxpayers will generously support with free travel free air fairs free just about everything after they leave or are thrown out of office wether they are good or bad succeed for us or are dismal failures.

These are the people that are now telling you austerity is needed on our behalf, that “The Government” (THEM) cannot afford Medicare (that we already pay for” that pensions, the poor, the needy can’t be carried, the old, the frail, the vulnerable, the black the people that keep THEM in luxury cars leather seating weddings etc etc need I rave more ? These same people that can dish those taxes of ours out to attend fracking weddings in India (see again billionaire miners above), buy new planes and bullet proof cars, subsidise billionaire mining moguls, spend their days on charity bike rides, book launches and have luxury homes rented for thousands a day to be left empty and the close of lease costs paid by us taxpayers even though there are several residences provided by the taxpayers for them to live in luxury.

I could go on but it’s a rant but I rant like this because I have children as do many people I care for and I am deeply concerned for their future as I see this government as being extreme and fascist, totalitarian frighteningly so almost as if Orwell’s Animal Farm has become reality right before our eyes as if we’ve been in a dream supposed reality that the pigs have taken over whist we nodded off with our eyes open.

I do not wish our children nor their children to live in a situation like what is happening in Ukraine right now I do not wish our legacy to be a memory of concentration camps offshore prisons where we Australians imprisoned innocent children & pregnant women, shot men in the back escaping from brutal beatings. Living in a country where the government they pay are secretive and untrustworthy rorters as bad as the old Soviet Russian dictators.

I’m seriously worried at the direction our country is heading in, xenophobic racism, nationalism, secrecy, control of education and the media. If you recall the last time this occurred it was engineered by Hitler and we all know how that ended because know one cared because no on gave it a second thought until … well you know
Ok OK I’ll stop read if you will, just sayin’ OK


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