Just starting up

Well, there seems to be a confusing amount of “how to start a blog” stuff around but I think I’ll just use my tried and true method of KISS combined with trial and error.

It’s taken me two weeks or so just to learn basic navigation around WordPress, so many settings blogs, notification blah blah blah, I’m having trouble but as you can see by this I am starting and have followed one brilliant young person’s blog already, so, I am on my way.

My problem with blogging is that I get a little if not a lot opinionated and very angry say with the LNP and Tony Abbott but I want this blog to be more or less effective and somewhat unbiased and well balanced and that’s going to be a struggle for me that I am sure I will lose but that’s the way it goes if you become passionate about matters that concern you and touch you, your life and those around you.

I will try and with the help of those that read, comment, argue abuse and critique I may just be able to say something of value for someone.

I will attempt to learn from you all and be informative interesting and passionate with your help ! Any tips ideas and mentions will be greatly appreciated.


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